Craziest college campus stories of 2017

Cabot Phillips of breaks down essentially the most weird incidents.

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  1. Jeremy Parsons says

    Mind blowing. And yet they don't have the brains to know that later no one will hire them

  2. Nikhilesh Surve says

    Parents should sue such teachers for indoctrinating their kids with vitriolic vile trash like that.

  3. Alain Anderson says

    Think about, they will be the futur leaders . Not good…Not good…

  4. phoenix rising says

    Wow just fucking Wow…hope this doesn't become a trend in 2018

  5. Recordbreakerr14 The GOP says

    College's have become the institutions were anti white racism is taught. Racism against white males is wrong. White Lives Matter. TRUMP

  6. Jezballz says

    College used to be about education now it's all indoctrination.

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