Controversial Cornwallis statue removed in Halifax

A controversial statue of Edward Cornwallis was removed Wednesday in Halifax. The monument to town’s founder was taken down as a part of statueefforts to enhance relations with Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq folks, Halifax Coun. Shawn Cleary explains.
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  1. Wendelin Thiel says

    Indians, YES I said Indians have stolen my tax dollars from my pocket which I have worked for my entire life. I am a victim. Trudeau give me $10 million in compensation. I want all statues of Indians taken down. I want Ottawa and Toronto and all other Indian names changed to English names.

  2. Kissing Bandit says

    This guy should give back the land his house sits on…..then be deported! This is a sad day for Canada and Canadians….someone give him a rope so he can deal with his white guilt! The only way to ever make it right is to give back the land…the land your house sits on! Wonder if hes will to go that far??? Virtue signalling

  3. Osiris Malkovich says

    Guys, they're just moving the statue. Don't act like triggered snowflakes over a statue you didn't care about last week of a guy you hadn't thought about since grade 7 history.

  4. StopWatch says

    Snowflakes: Those unable to deal with reality. Those who demand reality contort to assuage their feelings. Scrub away history, ban words, create safe spaces, get girls fired from their chosen professions, censor, shut down and otherwise destroy anything & anyone that may cause their feelings pain. The definition hasn't changed.

  5. StopWatch says

    Every single nation has a 'controversial' history, why is it only Western nations, historically white nations are shamed over their past,forced to erase and remembrance of it. Why is far left ideologue's every whim capitulated to?

  6. Ma Op says

    I was disappointed that Tom Brady didn't play as well as Justin Timberlake did

  7. Kermit says

    first they changed the anthem to gender neutral pronouns and now this..

  8. h2oboater says

    I feel Removing such statues is a disgrace to everyone in Canada .

    It is a part of Canadian History !
    If we erase our history , we are erasing lessons learned . Some are bad , yes … However some are good too…..

    We will never have it in a situation in which no one is offended … Karl Marx tried that with Communism .. Equal for all . Persons were still against these beliefs … And don't use Russian Communism as a comparison , it's not the same …

    I find the biggest issue with those wanting these statues removed , is they feel like Canada owes them something ! Well Canada don't owe them anything ….

    Most who are complaining are to ill informed to even know the full truth … Social Media has warped the minds of many , and it is very unfortunate.

    It only takes one to complain , and this starts happening … What's next , burning the history books ?

    It is a Disgrace to Canadian Society , those who remove such artifacts .

    Isn't Canada a Nation to include and acknowledge the existence of all ??

    When did we start trying to erase … ?? All I can say is be careful , Once this starts it can lead to much , much worst .


  9. oldredcoonhound says

    Leftist way of social engineering don't teach or talk about true history so people will forget. Then it can be soon repeated

  10. Roedy Green says

    Statues are for honouring people. It is nuts to honour genocide. It was about time to remove this statue. Eventually, we will remove the statues of mass murderers from WWI and WWII.

  11. F E says

    Some morons blame everything on muslims.
    don't understand what happing in canada the left goes far left and the right goes far right.
    he created the city and you want to remove him from the history !

  12. Ryan Ellis says

    Yeah, I can hear the conversations in the classroom now:
    Student: "Excuse me teacher? Who was the founder of Halifax?"
    Teacher: " Hush child, we must not speak his name! You now must go to detention for your micro-aggressions".

  13. LoE vGo says

    you know what this made me so mad I'm gonna comment twice. Those who seek to forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

  14. Katt Hewitt says

    This will not erase our history! But it WILL erase the liberals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Pat Millett says

    You can't change history but you can change how it is viewed. One way is by not paying homage to those who committed atrocities.

  16. Asiablue says

    All statues must come down. Pagan worship is prehistoric. Next up: the statue of treasonous revolutionary Louis Riel!

  17. Gary says

    This is dumb. The person interviewed lives in Halifax as a result of Cornwallis’ colonization. If he wants to make amends wouldn’t he just move out of Halifax?

  18. cassidy408 says

    as history shows us, there is no way to build relationships with different racial and ethnic groups that can be sustained long term. This was not so much an impediment, as it was an excuse. There is no reconciling with the natives, they are not the same as you, and they will never be satisfied unless you are the same as them, and you never will be. Diversity doesn't work, no groups are to blame for this, it's just the way it is.

  19. TominBach says

    Triggered SJW's say : Rheeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeeeereeerrrrreeeeerreeee

  20. Tyler Psychic Medium says

    This is why Rebel Media has more subscribers than you, CBC. I personally watch Fox News, but you get the picture, Smarten the heck up.

  21. dan the man says

    obama, rev. jeremiah wright , louis farrakhan = present day racists

  22. Olivia says

    The CBC is so anti-white. Canadians it's time to turn away from the anti-white system and replace it with a pro-white system.

  23. Killa Watt says

    What a sick and twisted Orwellian type world this is becoming. The idea of let's remove the statue so the history it represents is hidden from those who don't purposely go looking for it makes me fearful for our future. Especially so when laws are being passed against speech and other freedoms we once enjoyed. The statue represents the history of Halifax. It's founding. Are we to feel bad for developing one of the most advanced and best societies in the history of man. The innovations that have come out of the great countries that are Canada and America are unparalleled. The quality of life we enjoy and our ideas have spread across the world. Sure the encounters with natives wasn't the greatest but don't let history forget that is was my people who fought alongside Europeans, worked with them and helped establish what would become these two great nations. It wasn't all genocide and hell. My ancestors choices were just as much at fault as any European. Our world. My country is better now because of what happened then.

  24. biri klo says

    Now that the statue is gone, who founded Halifax? You haven't changed a thing. Is there a bleached version of history that goes with this so the snowflakes aren't offended by the truth?

  25. j mace says

    REMOVE THE ALBERT PIKE STATUES. He was a KKK Freemason who wrote Moralsand Dogma, which shows how evil he was in his writings. They won't tremove any Albert Pike Statue so that tells you who makes these decisions. I'll go take care of it myself, along with Mr baphomet's statue.

  26. A Anderson says

    A big thank you from me🖒🖒❤ as a first Nations Status Indian who's Grandmother& Mother are residential schools survivors

  27. Courier9 says

    The future is doomed to rhyme with the past. This makes sure less people see it coming, and even less have the will to say anything.

  28. bleu says

    Shame… you can’t erase history though no matter how offended you are by it.

  29. The Sword says

    Hopefully the people of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia will be able to erect a monument to the Raid on Dartmouth in 1749 when a Mi’kmaq militia group attacked a sawmill at present-day Dartmouth killing four workers and wounding two. Maybe Councilor Cleary could cut the ribbon at the unveiling ceremony.

  30. InsaneNcrazY2 says

    Doesnt change the fact that Edward Cornwallis WAS the founder of Halifax.

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