CIA releases trove of Usama bin Laden documents

The information reveal the fear chief was liable to conspiracy theories and descriptions Al Qaeda’s difficult relationship with Iran; Jennifer Griffin experiences on ‘Special Report.’

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  1. Kenny Houston says

    First the JFK Assassination files… now this! I guess this is the government's version of a lawn sale ????

  2. RussiaNukesAmerica3 says

    Bet the CIA didn't release the indisputable fact that Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11.

  3. john smith says

    Osama Obama bin laden had a gay porn collection ?? Who knew go figure.

  4. Gallo Negro says

    Osama binladen is living two miles of the white house.hes name is now obama binladen.alias barry sotero.

  5. prince vince says

    why not release a trove of files on Bush & Chaney…

  6. iCrye says

    Who else wants to see that porn collection

  7. Super Cracker says

    That's not Usama, that's Ubama pretending to be someone else!

  8. .........〉l:3 says

    Usama lmfao usama, really fox? Foxing up the news title like noob

  9. i love meow meow says

    More bullshit from our corrupt government. Fake documents, lies about a burial at sea, lies about capture and killing bin laden. If he was killed and on a navy ship our government would've paraded his dead body to everyone. Psyop hoax

  10. Pickle Rick says

    Yep take their pick then throw porn at us. We will never know

  11. your worst nightmare says

    Still have a feeling he's alive. I don't trust a thing Obama and his little troll Clinton did while in office.

  12. betterdays when says

    Here's the latest distraction for the month to try & make you feel all warm & fuzzy for the CIA.

  13. Mark Jacob says

    We still wonder if he really did even die at all..goverment with Obama and Hillary Clinton lied so much to us all, covered up many many things..why should we trust them?

  14. Chris Pyves says

    I bet he has more wedding invites & yoga classes in his records than Hillary's

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