Causes of Irregular Periods and Treating Them Naturally

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Menstrual irregularities can have a range of causes, together with being pregnant, hormonal imbalances, infections, illnesses, trauma, and sure medicines

What is the which means of irregular menstruation?
Why the durations are irregular?
How can I regulate my interval naturally?
What is the trigger of irregular menstruation?

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Irregular Periods – Solved in three Steps – Ruby Cup

four frequent causes for irregular durations: The common size of a Menstrual Cycle is round 28 – 35 days, and menstrual bleeding normally lasts between three – 7 days. … Here are the four commonest causes that may trigger a delayed or early interval thus inflicting an irregular menstrual cycle: – Medication.
What causes menstrual irregularities? | NICHD – Eunice Kennedy …

Menstrual irregularities can have a range of causes, together with being pregnant, hormonal imbalances, infections, illnesses, trauma, and sure medicines.

For most ladies, a standard menstrual cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days.1 However, 14% to 25% of girls have irregular menstrual cycles, which means the cycles are shorter or longer than regular

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