Carrier worker says Trump upheld his promise

Insight on ‘The Story’ after studies about layoffs on the Indiana plant.

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  1. Valentin Caballero says

    Someone please tell this guy that Carrier has already as a few days ago laid off another 200 employees in addition to the 600 already laid off in May. Their plan is to finish moving all operations to Mexico. This guy is, as most gullible Trump supporters are, wishing for pie in the sky, and Fox is more than willing to please their indulgence in the fairytale.
    I guess it is true after all that those who seek to deceive will always find those that want to be deceived. Hence Trump and Fox.
    Ever wonder why the name Fox?

  2. Bobby Wright says

    He is too dumb to work there his work is probably crap

  3. Real Beginning says

    waaaaa…I'm a Trump supporter and I can't stand objection. Waaaa. I can't stand a diverse opinion about any political subject and be challenged 😩

  4. Dysfunctional Playground says

    This is why I hate Fox News most of the time. Just one big propaganda machine that doesn't think that people can read the news from local papers. Hundreds of permanent layoffs are finalized at this Carrier Plant, and the are now in Mexico:

    " Carrier has announced 215 workers will lose their jobs at its Indianapolis heating and air conditioning plant this week, the last of about 600 previously announced layoffs."

  5. Mike R. says

    Lol. Tell that to the workers who have lost their jobs.

  6. Chuck T says

    obammie wouldn't have done shit, for the American worker , what a waste of 8 years , worthless

  7. camerabry says

    Apparently when you become president you also get control of air conditioner companies.

  8. Alexander Hamilton says

    One thing few people know but you can ask Tuckers Mom for confirmation. It has always been the dream of this news caster to suck old orange rape dick. There was a fear it might never happen but today there are few that can count themselves lucky enough to be trump’s whores. You are seeing one now!

  9. Mary Plaidy says

    What on earth would all you Trump haters have to do if it weren't for hating Trump and trolling Fox News?

  10. cuekwe Jones says

    The state of Indiana paid for those Carrier jobs (on Trump's behalf, though probably brokered by Pence) in the form of a huge tax credit. What CEO would refuse an offer from the government to fund their payroll?

  11. theylied1776 says

    You people are idiots, Carrier got state and federal tax cuts and what did they do? They automated part of the factory and moved a lot of manufacturing to Mexico. All together about 700 people lost their jobs due the corporate profit-taking. Corporate trickle-down economics is a myth and a lie and corporate tax breaks do not stimulate the economy.

  12. Grim Gamer says

    Who dislikes this? LITERALLY ONE DISLIKE! wtf?

  13. Marc Mobley says

    Trump has done more for usa in a year than The last prezz did in 8

  14. Robert Blue says

    He kept his promise by letting 1100 jobs go to Mexico. Gotcha

  15. Robert Fields says

    Fuck this dumbass factory inbred piece of shit, he supports an enemy of liberty, a filthy traitor to this country. Just as bad as the libtard left.

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