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  1. watchingrob says

    That last line cracks me up so much too. So genuine :p

  2. Ken1093 says

    Iron man and Cap.America dancing~ leaving Bucky alone

  3. Adriana Lima says

    Oh my god, Scarlett Johansson is really another kind of sexy.

  4. Alejandro MiddleCorn says

    Well, this scene 0:55 is kinda right.Scarlet Witch and Vision love each other in the comics, and they eventually get married. Dunno if this is going to happen in the movies.

  5. Andrey Kusanagi says

    dude, at least WAIT until the video is over to put your links over it.

  6. Wulph Jay says

    lets just block the last 30% of every video you have with annotations and the like that wont turn off. good job.

  7. Roi gipot says

    0:48 Bucky really having fun looking at that pussy..

  8. Muwanga Enock says

    Woooow..i really love this movie! hope u guys produce another part

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