Canadian helicopters: Philippines president wants to cancel multimillion-dollar deal

The president of the Phillippines wants to cancel a multimillion-dollar deal to purchase helicopters from Canada.
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  1. Jon Smith says

    if you're going to buy it from another country I guess at least buy it from the Russians there helicopters are pretty decent. Don't waste your money on Chinese crap. Those things will break down be in the shop more than there in the air. you only have two options for their helicopters either old Cold War error ones that were made from Russia but are inadequate nowadays or buy the ones the Chinese make but the problem is that they don't know how to make them and the critical parts are stolen from other Western countries mainly the US's helicopters. so if you want that technology of a badass helicopter then you might as well stick to the stipulations and by the American ones instead of a knockoff Chinese piece of crap. See that's the problem either you get the good quality helicopters from the US but have to stick to certain stipulations like not sending Hellfire missiles to a drug addicts house or you can go to China which they don't care what you do with it but it's mechanical crap.

  2. NoLeads Ent. says

    reading the comments i see the news is the only one believing their own propaganda…

    i love it!

  3. E Tow says

    Good on you Mr. President cancel it, only these US lap dog countries like Canada put conditions on what their end customers use it for. This is like you buying a new car and they will only let you drive it to where they let you. They will only let you use it to help their own foreign policies in invading other sovereign nations while your taxpayers pay for their weapons ! At almost $15 million per helicopter this is not really a deal anyways for antiquated Vietnam era technology. China welcomes your money and doubling the amount of helicopters that are better and more modern with faster delivery for the same amount !

  4. Momo Fighter says

    Philippines is trying to wipe ISIS and the communists and Canada says no but are willing to pay millions to former ISIS terrorists. #LiberalLogic

  5. Golden Boy says

    This is how you alienate allies and push them into China and Russia's orbit

  6. nasi says

    3 yrs ago prince charming Trudeau made a 10 billion worth of canadian-made arms deal with the govt. of saudi..and they didnt even conduct an investigation/review…and look yemen today.

  7. Jack Burton says

    Fighting  m u s l i m  ter ror ists = BAD.  Welcoming them and giving them millions $ = GOOD.

  8. anarchore says

    CBC journalism standards on display once more. I wonder what he said beforehand, that the CBC had to take his statement out of context.

  9. Alexander Wesner says

    Cbc political sabotage…. stir it cbc. Good job… CNN cbc BBC. On and on lies…

  10. Drastick Rebel says

    More coverage on decisions average citizens don't have any say in stop giving us half truths and disinformation

  11. don684 says

    We can fight Islamic Terrorists in Afghanistan but if the Philippines want to fight terrorism in their own country we will not sell them the equipment to do it . Go figure ? They will just buy them from Russia .

  12. Tourniquet Now says

    Why are there no comments allowed on the jihadi who knows that Justine Trudeau will give him $$$$$$$$ if he comes to Canada?
    Why does cbc not allow the people who finance their media to comment?

  13. RAIN MAYHEM says

    He is trying to protect his country yet he can't do that properly because Canada and the US put to many restrictions on him

  14. liagog says

    but it is a-ok to sell to saudi arabia to use on the population of yemen

  15. only smellz says

    we're allowed to talk on this vid but God forbid we talk on the jihadi john video we wouldn't want to offend terrorists with our insensitive comments.

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