Canada’s top CEOs make 209 times the average employee: report

Jacob Brown stories on a brand new research that means that the top 100 CEOs in Canada are making 209 times greater than the average Canadian.

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  1. Bobby Daniel says

    Ya we don't overpay for everything and sure not taken advantage of.

  2. Del Evans says

    Although his wife, two children and parents all arrived in Toronto with him in February 2016, the majority of the Darwish clan — 19 adults and children — are still languishing in Turkey, except for one sister and her family who were resettled to Brussels in November. Darwish’s brother and his wife and children have been waiting since November 2016 for their application to come to Canada to be approved.

    So now we have to invite entire clans? No. The war is over send them back.

    The great replacement is designed to drown Canadians in a sea of unwanted death cult “diversity”.

  3. Del Evans says

    Tax payers fund Trudeau's family grocery bill which is $10, 000 a month

  4. Ken McArthur says

    I think everyone should pay 10-15 % and no deductions of any kind for a regardless of income that why we all pay the same rate. However no human being is worth 82 million per year in my opinion.

  5. gg g says

    Elderly seniors can't afford even Food,,,, OAS stagnant since decades of rising prices five times.

    CEOs get 209 times, Min wages three times rsised and poor seniors become poorest.

    Govt wants them to die , utmost shameful to Canada leaving Senior to die .

  6. Guy Souriandt says

    A top tax bracket for these corporate fat cats is in order. More importantly, though, is closing the loopholes that allow them to get away with paying no taxes at all.

  7. Eric Von says

    Who will pay more than half of that in taxes. The problem is not with them getting richer, but with the poor getting poorer, and the government wont change that so they can complain to the poor class about how the rich are not paying their "fair share". Thats what you get when you have a Socialist and a Communist government. Remember that in 2019.

  8. ebbderelict says

    Guy Lawrence? How old is this data? It's pulling from at best 2016 since he was fired from Rogers around October/November of that year.

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