Businesses worry as B.C. announces minimum wage hike

The highway to $15 begins with an 11 per cent bounce only a few months from now – however there are considerations that restaurant costs may quickly observe

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  1. Jay Ray says

    Minimum wage is bad. People should make slave wages and only the CEO's and top earners should be able to afford food and put a roof over their head.

  2. Tiger1971 says

    Higher minimum wages takes the burden off the citizens and put it on the employer. Many people are topped up by government because they are low wage earners.

  3. daver5150 says

    In Alberta this has become a business ending decision, my business is suffering and I may have to close it down and lay off all my staff by years end. On top of it the NDP gov't changed the rules for statutory holidays and it costs my business twice the amount it used to cost. Why does the NDP hate us so much ? Why are they killing the economics of this once great province ? Now the NDP rats in BC are following Alberta's insane decision ??? Good grief……. If you voted for these criminals you need to realize the impact they are making , the negative impact.

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