Bungie Confirmed The Leak About The First Addition to Destiny 2

The Xbox Store has information about the first add-on for Destiny 2 called Curse of Osiris, which quotes the recent leakage published by Kotaku.

Now the information was officially confirmed by the Bungie studio, and on the site of the game, the same information about the add-on appeared that were published earlier. So, Curse of Osiris will send players to Mercury, a new playable planet, and will focus on the history of the title warlock Osiris and his relationship with the student Icora Rey.

Previously, Mercury was a playground only within the social hub Lighthouse in the first Destiny, but in the sequel, the planet will become a full playable location with a new zone called “Endless Forest”.

As part of the addition, players will have access to a mass of new content, including weapons, armor, equipment, story missions, cooperative assignments, competitive arenas and much more. The release is expected in December this year.

In addition, the Japanese PS Store also published the name of the second add-on, which is expected in the spring of 2018. No details other than the name Gods of Mars, the store did not provide.

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