Border patrol agent dies of injuries sustained while on duty

Border patrol agent killed in Texas

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  1. rosie her says

    Trump needs to get Obamas management out of the border patrol since they seem to be making it harder for these men to work and survive.

  2. no name says

    Put a chainlink fence up with barbed wire then a mine field with barbed wire on the other side and more chainlink fence warning of a mine field. Then when people die they have no one to blame but themselves.

  3. VictoriA M says

    Controlled Information is fake news. Why are the American people not given the complete story of how this Border Agent was killed?

  4. Kirbae says

    The wall is going up and it can't come sooner

  5. Bob Bob says

    his skull was smashed in with a rock by dirty wetbacks

  6. VictoriA M says

    What kind of bullshitt nonnews news report is this? Was he bitten by a snake. Was he in a car accident? Was he bitten by a scorpion? What? We will learn that he was attacked by illegals trying to get into the United States. Either physically beaten or shot. Probably both.

  7. El Chapo Guzman Loera says

    I told u Trump que te calmes verga ima put my chorizo in your wife's cunt she also got approved for inmate visits so ure done puto haha Ps elchapoguzman CDS

  8. Artillery Mage says

    The border patrol has the highest rate of on duty injuries. Why? Cuz the militarized Cartel is out there! A wall won't stop them

  9. Santi Christ says

    Godamn Mongolians , keep breaking down my city walls.

  10. Shon Won says


    Where's the conservative outrage w/ u.s. small business owners who employ them IN THE 1ST PLACE? If you phoney cowards made it a felony to hire an illegal this would end in 3 years TOPS. But you won't do that because it would expose the hard ugly truth of


  11. The Rockazoid says

    How does this story warrant the types of filth found in the comments. What is wrong with you people? Americans cannot be this stupid, scared, and ignorant.

    Never mind, we elected Trump. We suck.

  12. Mark Woods says

    They wont even say what happened. What a load of shit. Another Cop murdered by god damned criminal mexican.

  13. Steel Here says

    Hey Fox News, do you not remember someone saying – "He knew what he signed up for." This is a tragedy. Law enforcement and the military are hazardous occupations. Don't exploit this man's death to further your personal agenda.

  14. MTB4miSoul says

    Why are most Border Agents latino? I always find that very odd. Second generation Mexicans protecting a border their parents once crossed. They should leave those jobs for Whites, Blacks or asians…but I bet its because they can't find good agents to patrol that rough terrain.

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