BODYGUARDS: Secret Lives From The Watchtower (Nelson Mandela, 50 Cent, Justin Bieber) – TRAILER

Bodyguards: Secret Lives From The Watchtower TRAILER (Thriller, 2016)
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Bodyguards & Protection Agents are the people on the entrance traces for the wealthy, well-known, and highly effective. These people take care of violence, stalkers, isolation, and potential lack of life each single day.

Bodyguards: Secret Lives From The Watchtower TRAILER
A Movie directed by Jaren Hayman
Cast : Nelson Mandela, Rory Steyn, Jason Tshabalala, Justin Bieber, Mikey Arana, Anton Kalaydjian, Kevin Weeks, Whitey Bulger, Shamir Bolivar, Tairon Coronel
Release Date : December 2nd, 2016
Genre : Documentary, Thriller

© 2016 – Gravitas Ventures

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  1. Vivek K T says

    Which song is playing in the background? Kinda feels like one of Hans Zimmers' work!!!

  2. Ally says

    Who's Justin? I'm here for Mikey 😂

  3. Frodo Maldica says

    Good or Bad things when there is Justin Bieber inside, uneducated GP will saying shits and mock him,omg get a life… we know we accepted listen to his music a lot

  4. Blackunchained says

    Blackwater..says enough for not watching this bullshit because this fuckers are piece of shit for what they did in iraq

  5. IAMJUST1CE says

    I've done security work on and off for 5 years now. Public and private. Coachella, comic con, a buncha different raves, worked with Eddie Murphy a couple times and have done quite a few red carpet events…and honestly, doing security is so fuckin chill. Like, very very very rarely does anything crazy happen. Crazy stuff only happens during political events or rallys/protests. I guarantee, no one has ever even fired one bullet at Justin beiber…ever.

  6. Joy Aigbekan says

    am a belieber so am here for justin so stop be hate. life is two shots to be hate ✌

  7. Maro says

    I'm gonna watch it for Justin, Mikey, evert, Hugo and Patrick lol

  8. Sarah AlS says

    Idk what's going on I'm only here because of Justin Bieber

  9. Nouvelle Bieber says

    i havent watched it yet; the video is taking forevor to load… I hav no idea wat this is going to be about tbh, I just saw bae's name and i was like what the hell?? (shrugs)

  10. UberDump says

    Shame they've all eaten the pies and donuts.

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