Bob Massi on remaining questions surrounding Vegas shooting

Fox News authorized analyst discusses on ‘Fox News @ Night’ how the police may very well be extra clear in 2018.

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  1. John Hasse says

    It has been 3 months. (almost) and since the truth hasn't come out, someone very high up is working to keep it from coming out.

  2. John Hasse says

    It only takes one lie to prove a 'conspiracy'. HOW MANY SHOTS WERE FIRED? (someone said 3000) Where are the casings??

  3. Tina Ho says

    That shooting is like so last season.

  4. Justin Norton says

    Bob Massi is a personal injury and real estate attorney. What the fuck would he know about law enforcement and investigation? The shooter was a sick fuck that bought a lot of guns, and unleashed them on the public.

  5. BennyWise says


  6. Agusta Sister says


  7. george bush says

    Not conspiracy "theory," conspiracy ANALYSIS. It's obvious that this is an FBI cover-up.

  8. Dennis White says

    He's been in Vegas for 44 years, that explains his hair.

  9. Defiant Christian Infidels says

    Of course Vegas Massacre is a breeding ground for we the people seeking the blatantly hidden truth when the deep state controlled FBI swooped in and took control of the narrative, changing it upon their arrival to the scene.
    Nobody with any sense trusts the FBI anymore, left or right. Hopefully Q ANON is the real deal, not another psyops, and all the deep state coverups and false flags over the years will be exposed and justice imposed.

  10. Robert kempton says

    Get a hair cut dude . These shooting sure bring the nut balls out .

  11. MAGA 2020 says

    FBI are friggin crooks.Lost all respect for them.Soros needs hung,along with the owner of MGM.

  12. netterstyl says

    Big points on the attractive, classy tie, the tie knot (very neatly done), tasteful match with the beautiful dark gray jacket, and the crisp, neat collar. Now on to the hairdo…kinda got a lion's mane thing going on there. Salesman at a high-end Miami car dealership, perhaps.

  13. Otto Jihaad says

    im glad mr henry brought up the time lapses in investigative reports made more than apparent in the sandy hook case. i would have to push further and point out the content of these reports have become questionable, my case point would be the 9/11 commission report, directed bye henry kissmyassenger.
    ive tried to make my own reports only to have it backfire in institutional reprisals.
    it's almost like some one is trying to get us to spend allot of money on military equipment in our towns and cities….. which i get. but we dont have a solid industrial infrastucture in this country any longer, that coupled with our private federal dollar, make this last electoral seasons misadventure all the more asinine.

  14. Jack The Giant Killer says

    They don't talk much about the helicopter activity on the night of the attack. In several Youtube videos I could clearly see helicopters circling around the the hotels and venue out to a distance of about 700 yards with a few helicopters flying with transponders turned off.. That needs to be looked at far more closely.

  15. Jack The Giant Killer says

    I just wouldn't put too much faith into law enforcement for protection. I would much rather be armed to defend myself.

  16. Carolyn Nigro says

    The FBI ran that show. They were ALL OVER IT. I want to know about the helicopters buzzing around during the attack. I want to see the hotel surveillance footage. Let me see this lone nut Paddock schlepping an arsenal through a hotel lobby!! I want to know about the handful of eyewitnesses that survived the shooting just to die mysteriously within a couple of weeks. Why wasn't there an army of crack forensics guys analyzing the kill zone for bullet fragments – bullet trajectories and gun splatter evidence for a month following this slaughter ????? Who was Paddock really? We know he didn't do this whole thing – if indeed he shot anybody at all. What the fuck really happened???? I hate this GODDAM lying government. Aaaaaaaagggghhhhhhh

  17. Dave Little says

    WTF! This guy is just another actor playing a part. FBI is up to their neck in this and they just want it to blow over. —- Don’t let it!

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