BLM to boycott ‘white capitalism’ for ‘Black Christmas’

Reaction on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to Black Lives Matter vacation boycotts.

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  1. Vanities says

    This could go really bad for African American businesses if people truly embrace this idea of shopping our own colors.

  2. Intel Chick says

    So they'll just smash 'n grab at their own businesses? Great!

  3. gojo bojo says

    This is madness! Madness? This is black lives matter!

  4. Talcum X says

    Dali sings: " I'm dreaming of a Black Christmas " by Bong Crispy…..Ah….They don't write 'em like that anymore!…..

  5. Captain Obvious says

    I bet this guy is at least 30% white. That makes him a co-conspirator and hence guilty of being white. He gives hope to those who believe you need a working brain to become a lawyer.

  6. BrokenToy says

    This will stop a lot of black on white crime in white owned stores. Bout time. Thanks.

  7. TeleTube says

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Whites are the best gift blacks ever got.

  8. insertpienow says

    Slavery is Over………………..You Can Go Home Now…………

  9. Don Peebly says

    So let me understand this: the way to fight racism is to promote more of it but against people who had nothing to do with the racism 150 years ago in the country. BLM is an about what it seems to be but rather overthrowing Western society, culture and economic system when you realize what they want to replace it with, everybody except the elites, suffers tremendously as we have been able to see since 1959 in that little country 90 miles south of Florida, in Venezuela these days and every other country that institutionalized some form of collectivism.

  10. Donna Bowles says

    The only people racist in America today are the Muslims in the blacks!!!!

  11. Chadohog says

    So they are only going to buy crack from black dealers? That's nothing new.

  12. Chadohog says

    Fair is fair. How about us whites boycott black businesses?

  13. MCAD DC says

    No new iPhone X this Christmas for BLM…

  14. Sigkim says

    When ya think they cant get more stupid, they lower the bar even further.

  15. Ro Guerrero says


  16. lamaistyle says

    Well, I guess no new hair weaves at the Korean beauty supply stores?

  17. Shawn Rhymes says

    There is a clear-cut solution to all of this. Every one of you black motherfuckers get the fuck out of this country.

  18. Ro Guerrero says


  19. Dusty Grady says

    Black Lives ain't worth a shit. The only Black Christmas is when they were made to be slaves

  20. Raimund Heinrich says

    White capitalism, The biggest source of welfare tax dollar. Niggers are so fucking retarded, it's not funny anymore. FUCK YOUR NIGGER CHRISTMAS BLM!!

  21. Rebecca Silva says

    Sooo, if they are going to do it they should do it right- move out of all white designed and built homes and buildings. No cars. What else?

  22. AmishRiot says

    BLM you can't fight racism with racism, you are litterally making things WORSE, just look at the comments. This is not making them change their minds they just feel more angry at you now and you are giving them a legit reason not to like you.

  23. Nationalist Realist says

    They don't belong here I understand their contention. Humans are tribal, the blacks would be happier among their own in Africa.

  24. John Koster says

    Lily white Laura does not get it! What a moron!

  25. KLH1966 says

    Go wipe your blm ass with your bare hand. TP is white owned, oh and don't wash your hands with soap, its white owned too. Also no more Wal-Mart for your blm asses. Just leave my country.

  26. Bill Clinton Bit My Lip says

    Theft statistics should be down for this festive period in the white community. Blacks are giving us even more privilege.

  27. David Gregory says

    Another lieing limbswinger. You were set free. Be happy you didn't get sent strait home africa.

  28. Proud Deplorable says

    Can I assume that these racist knuckle dragging retards will not use any item invented or manufactured as a result of White Capitalism and Endeavour ? 🖕🏽

    If so, they'll all be standing there fucking naked!

  29. Improv Master says

    GOOD, also boycott white welfare, white food stamps and white gov. housing……and those fancy rims? white people made 'em too!

  30. Stiffler says

    Went to get some smokes for my girl last night..the nearest shop was a foreign owned shop..I went there because it was the nearest shop and I'm not a predjudice numb nuts

  31. Pam Pirtle says

    After decades of saying blacks should be included in society, they have changed to wanting to segregate their lives from society. Seems like two steps back in inclusion. What happened to MLK's dream?

  32. Wsy NicK says

    they have never invented, or produced anything but trouble

  33. Junior Mudd says

    i bet the malls are tickled pink knowing there wont be any niggas robbing them blind

  34. rey says

    blacks hate whites why help them blackies

  35. Sandra Belcher says


  36. ICE69ROG says

    This guy is a joke and he is a total racists

  37. Mark Murnahan says

    It seems truly bizarre to me that people once fought for desegregation and now people are fighting for resegregation. The most aggressive and successful party leading the way in each of these endeavors have been black. It's pretty damn clear that Dr. Martin Luther King would be appalled by the reversal of all he and millions of other people of all races worked hard to achieve. The vast difference in the two mentalities is paralleled by the vast difference in the efforts of the two groups. Both efforts have been championed by people of color – but that's where the similarities end. Coming together was once the subject of a dream – a dream held by many, and articulated with grace. That dream has been shit upon by an all new and destructive force that utterly refuses the broadest held and most beneficial of societal desires – for mankind to be at peace.

  38. ICE69ROG says

    They are the blame as their whole plan is to divide the country along racial lines . These black people are so blinded with their hate and racism to see that they will be the instrument of their own destruction , exactly as obama and clinton planned

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