Billy Bush Passionately Explains Why He Refuses To Let Trump Claim Tape Is Fake

Billy Bush come ahead to name Trump out on behalf of his victims after the tycoon started denying it was his voice on ‘grab the p***y tape.’ He needs he might say it wasn’t his voice on the tape the best way Trump is.

Oh man did Billy Bush, 46, unload in his first interview for the reason that Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump telling him his fame allowed him to sexually assault ladies broke in Oct. of 2016. The “grab them by the p*ssy” audiotape from 2005 ought to have derailed the tycoon’s probabilities on the presidency however no, he shockingly received the election whereas Bush was fired from the Today Show. Bush appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Dec. four for his first interview since to name out Trump for now making an attempt to assert the voice on the tape wasn’t his. “That’s your voice. You were there, I was there, that’s your voice.” He added, “For the last 14 months I’ve been dealing with it and you dealt with it for 14 minutes,” referring to Trump.

“When he said this it infuriated me on a personal front. You’ve got 20 women…who used their names,” Bush stated. “We’ve got powerful people being held accountable now, and sometimes there’s anonymous sources. All of these women came out with their names and told their detailed accounts. So when he said this, it infuriated me on the personal front, and then I ended up Googling and I read an article with all of these women’s accounts. As I read these, I said, ‘Twenty women don’t get together and say, ‘Hey, you know what would be really fun? Let’s take down a powerful guy together, ha ha.’ No they don’t.” He demanded of Trump “Enough’s enough — stop playing around with people’s lives! That upset me.” See pics of Billy, right here.


Billy stated that on the time he thought Trump was simply bloviating and didn’t suppose that there have been really victims of his “p***y grabbing” methods. “If I thought it was a man detailing a sexual assault strategy i would have reported it to the FBI, not my executive producer,” he stated. As for his speedy firing by NBC instantly after the tape broke, he stated that “I would have liked the chance to address the audience the following Monday.” Since the tape’s launch, Billy misplaced his profession, cut up from his spouse Sydney after 20 years of marriage, and his teenage daughters have been left in tears by the troubling contents. HIS life was fully destroyed though he by no means stated the phrases about “p*ssy grabbing,” TRUMP did.

HollywoodLifers, what did you consider Billy’s interview on The Late Show?

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