Bill 62: How Quebec’s face-covering ban will work

Quebec’s Bill 62 was instantly controversial as a result of it appeared to focus on Muslim girls sporting the niqab. Lawmakers have now clarified how the invoice will work. Here’s a rundown of what it’s, who’s affected and what occurs subsequent.

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  1. Ro says

    Usually in the west if someone covers their face, they're up to something. Just like how I would never go to saudi arabia and expect them to bend over backwards to accommodate my culture and values, I don't think we should have to either. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I really do think people should try and integrate into the society they move to, wether it be a westerner moving to the middle east or vice versa.

  2. Ambassador of Truth says

    The Burka is oppressive, not Bill 62. It's as bad, if not worse than wrapping yourself in the confederate flag. The left won't be happy until we hear the call to prayer across this once great country. Why should women who wear the burka get special treatment. We all must show our ID and our FACE when using Provincial, and/or municipal services.

  3. Yvon Desrosiers says

    They fear Cayenne pepper from their husbands when they go home at four o'clock in the night.

  4. 19leeryan says

    I'm for giving Muslims the same rights here that they give to Christians in their home countries.

  5. Jason Yu says

    I don't get why people are getting so worked up. If they don't bother you don't bother them. Is this really such a hard rule to follow. If you need to be identified, then show your face. If not, just stick to your business.

  6. Aratas Man says

    To everyone who's yelling ban ban ban or there should be no covering or anything of that sort, I have a question for you.
    Do you think the government should dictate what kind of clothes people should wear and punish them if they don't comply?

    That aside this piece of legislation is so laughably unconstitutional that it's just an empty gesture to all the bigots there. Poor fools.

  7. Jax Amilius says

    snowflakes getting triggered over a burka…. i didnt know canadians were this weak…

  8. anonyme anonyme says

    English Canada is obviously jealous of this law. Religious freaks will surely contest this law with bloodsucker lawyer and the crazy charter. If like I think, they will in court (federal judges don't give a damn about collective obligation), this is another reason, Québec should get out of this country.

    I ask you if my religion was nudity, could I get in court nude, of course not because it is indecent. Well indececy is in the eye of the beholder. I can assure you that a vast majority of Canadians think that the niqab and burka are INDECENT and IMPOLITE.

    It is well known fact that a society that accept religion are proportionnaly poorer than a atheist society.

    They already don't pay municipal taxes and have a zillion tax breaks that leads to a poorer health and education system.

  9. rossriver75 says

    Got an idea. In the Quebec winter, they can wear a big overcoat and scarf covering the niqab or burqa. Then no-one can see it.

  10. rossriver75 says

    They didn't choose it. It was forced on them. They say they chose it.

  11. fomalhaut says

    Ontario needs to do the same. But with half-wit cultural surrender artists in charge of both key parties it ain't gonna happen.

  12. Assume Correct says

    So, university surgeons will be forced to sneeze in open wounds now?

  13. Shaima El Mabsouta says

    It’s not against “religious freedom” as it has nothing to do with Islamic teachings.

  14. Krystal Springer says

    I feel really saddened by this. There shouldn't be this much hate in my country. Pathetic treatment all around. That this, THIS is even an issue is disgusting. Thanks for the dissappointment Quebec politicians and the citizens for giving them the idea in the first place. You should all be ashamed.

  15. Tiffany Zoe says

    This religion that makes them cover their faces is something they do in their country-not ours. How would they like it if I went to their country and wore the cross as a hat? Don't think they would approve one bit. You aren't entitled to bring your cultures and religious views to a different country with different views and values.

  16. zombiekush760 says

    Just shave the unibrows and you won't have to hide your face

  17. Fred Nameni says

    I support bill 62 cause these Muslim should adjust their life style like Canadian not Covering their face. Canada is not Middle east so if any body offened please take off your borqa and live like any Canadian not like your own country this is western society and western society do not believe the women must cover themselves like slaves for their religion.

  18. BluGyal says

    As a muslim I don't get why these women even want to wear it? It's not a religious garment and not required… I agree that it should be banned cause it poses a security risk.

  19. Qtown20 says

    The koran doesn't say that woman have to wear any kind of face veil, it's not a religious thing and not sanctioned as a religious freedom!

  20. Magic Carnival says

    If anyone has issue with law,go to your Muslim niqab Friendly countries. Why forced to change Christian countries? Do these Islamists allow a church near makkah ? Why we change? Well done Quebec . More efforts to be done in this perspective throughout Canada.

  21. Optical Clarity says

    How it will work? You tell anyone wearing a face covering to remove the face covering or they will be arrested and fined. That's how it works you don't discuss it you don't negotiate. You say these are the rules and you will follow them or you will pay the penalty it's time to stop being such a bunch of f**** pussies

  22. RedJohnHere says

    This is Canada, not the middle east. Obey our laws or LEAVE.

  23. Laventador Alindog says

    Good!! that way they know when they show there faces will know if its a guy or a girl..

  24. Shawn Nielsen says

    Why is CBC hiding the interview done Sunday Oct 22 by Michael Serapio? This interview had an articulate lady explaining why the face covering is wrong and that it has nothing to do with faith but is merely a construct. She also highlighted how the face covering originated from a time when men considered women lesser and how it is a form of control and oppression. She questioned why any woman in Canada fighting for equality would support the face covering. Conveniently the video of this interview (opposing the face covering) is no where to be found on the CBC website or on this youtube channel. ???

  25. Hugh Myron says

    It must be incredibly difficult to show one's face..

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