Best Points UNDER HUGE PRESSURE (Part 2) | ATP Tennis [HD]

Today I bring you guys the 2nd part of points under huge pressure I hope you guys enjoy!!

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  1. Marcel S says

    Can you please do a “loudest crowd moments/reactions”??? That would be epic

  2. PBZ says

    The 3 break points saved by Nadal v Djokovic in the AO 2012 final (3-4 in the 4th set) were even more outstanding that at the US 2013. If he had lost his serve at this moment, the final was over. Furthermore, at this moment he had such mental complex against djokovic who defeated him like 5 or 6 times in a row in 2011. In 2013, rafa already defeated novak at the french, few months earlier.

  3. Tom Deverson says

    I think the Federer vs Djokovic final really defeats the point of the video, because after that 2nd set Roger played two mediocre sets and lost quite easily. You should've done another one where Federer wins the match, not loses it. That's my only issue with the video.

  4. 97kos says

    Where is Federer from match in 2003, when he saved 5 match points? in the tie-break? Or vs Murray in 2008 hen he saved 7 points in one game ?

  5. La tanker says

    in the 2 first matchs you can compare the attitude of novak, in 2009 he just waited, in 2012 he attacked!

  6. Dr Sarcasm says

    That's why there is ONLY the Big 3: Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic.

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