Best Of Lonzo Ball From The 2017 NBA Preseason

Check out the most effective performs of Lonzo Ball from the 2017 preseason!

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  1. Tee mac says

    This guy can't play ball London are suza

  2. Timothy Youngblood says

    His Daddy didn't do him any favors. He hyped him up to a level that he can't reach. Poor kid has a Dad who wants to live vicariously through him and all he did was set him up for failure. Way to go, Dad.

  3. Boggs yeah says

    That video was his highlights? Damn.. my 3yr old can make 2 handed chest passes. That was terrible. I would rather watch a YMCA basketball highlight then that shit.

  4. Marc Isikoff says

    Most overhyped NBA player: this dude is on ESPN website more than MJ or Lebron got at this point in their careers and he's a desperate ploy for the Lakers to be contenders again but it's not going to happen with him. Lonzo Ball in reality is a good 'B' player on a team not the Max player ESPN tries to make him out to be.

  5. Paul Blart says

    So like what’s the deal with this dude and his stupid family? Are they the male version of the Kardashian’s? I hope his nba career is shorter than his dads dick

  6. SD Land says

    Whatever roids lebron took when he came into the league, better find them. Lebron put on serious size in a year or so.

  7. Qintz says

    video: Best of Lonzo Ball from preseason
    sees video is less than 2 mins long

  8. Jaden Tyrell says

    My son Lonzo can make points without being on a team and make the playoffs
    -Lavar Ball

  9. Tyler Moran says

    Notice how none of these highlights are remotely close to being impressive.

  10. Mr Irrelevant says

    Wow this is too much NBA..lets be honest he aint done sht in preseason..barely even played

  11. Derpy DittHam says

    Lol "Lonzo is over hyped" looks in comments

    Me: Dang no one says Lonzo is good

    Like really? We are gonna just say he sucks and is a bust because of a few games vs the games he played in college? Lol if so then Markelle sucks. Oh wait Jimmy Butler should of never been drafted right?

  12. Zmosuz Khakfm says

    lol outta the whole preseason not even a 2 minute video???????

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