Best of Kyrie Irving from the 2017 Preseason

Check out the greatest performs from Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics throughout the 2017 Preseason!

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  1. Lord of the Jungle says

    People forget he had a injury from the year before so essentially he is healed now. Silly Cavs tried to trade him

  2. Jaymax says

    Major Laker fan, but them General Electric logo jerseys look unreal! Definitely buying one

  3. Tatenda M says

    Thought half his highlights would be him bitchin bout clevelabd

  4. ØMG says

    he traveled in 4;21

  5. Fuck What You're Talking About ! says

    He's going to regret leaving Cleveland for the trashy BoSHIT Celdickz. Lol!!!!

    He was nothing before LeBron, he'll revert back to being nothing now in BoSHIT.

  6. Dr Elite says

    Top 3 candidates for the 2018 MVP
    1. Kawhi
    2. Giannis
    3. Kyrie
    In no order

  7. shy D says

    Kyrie couldn’t even get the Cavs to the playoffs.. what makes y’all think he gonna do something now? To me it seemed like he used LeBron and learned from him and now he wants to try out his new techniques. But I do think they’ll make it to the playoffs, then they’ll get swept by LeBron because that’s really what LeBron looks forward too.

  8. Tray Holloway says

    I think Kyrie & Hayward can avg 25 each .. what's yall opinion?? What you think they would avg? Include Tatum & Brown too they will have a impact also

  9. John Lis says

    Is it me or he did lost weight and looked slim af?

  10. Phillip Jackson says

    Kyrie looking real good in comfortable out there. The Cavs Better be worried ???

  11. tman2469 says

    So wierd seeing him in a celtic uniform

  12. MajorDude14 says

    I understand everyone is giving Kyrie praise, but if y'all really believe 100% that they're the team to beat the Cavs, I'm sorry.

  13. Rain Duval says

    Is it me or is there a slight change to Kyrie's jump shot?

  14. Bob Marley says

    The Dark Knight is getting ready to ride the dark horse into the light. He will show y'all what he is capable of this year and years to come. #TheDarkKnight

  15. Alan Huang says

    Why y’all saying that he’s so much better now? Y’all shoulda seen him his rookie season and later seasons without LeBron

  16. Beast says

    He will go down as a top 3 PG of all game. He’s only 25 and already has accomplished enough to be in the HOF.

  17. E Allen says

    most of this footage is from last year…

  18. Verson Hines says

    I feel like he's gonna have the most points this season with the Celtics and he's gonna bring them farther than last season

  19. T-Knight says

    I'm still a fan of him!! Go Kyrieee!

  20. Aizya says

    dude just evolved from robin to nightwing

  21. William Ng says

    Kyrie looks more happy in this system. It looks like he will be able to play and do his own thing. I hope he steps up as a leader, especially at least try on the defensive end more.

  22. Marc Cohen says

    Last year celtics won 53 games last year with isaiah thomas, avery bradley, and al horford as their three best players, and a pretty good bench, and no true centers.

    This year, the Celtics best 3 players are Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford and just as good bench with improvements from brown smart rozier, plus have some dudes over 6'11 besides Al Horford

    this teams about to run shit

  23. loveBGM says

    Man… horford's jumper is ugly af..

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