Best Fails of the Month – APRIL 2017 | Funny Fail Compilation | The Best Fails

We shut out the month with the Highlights of The Best Fails of APRIL 2017. Selection contains Stone Cold three:16 fails, parkour flip fails, snowboard and browsing crashes, excessive sports activities slams, epic pranks, hilarious child fails, stunts gone incorrect, treadmill fails, humorous lady fails, trampoline fails and extra hilarious reactions, outtakes, bloopers, viral movies and funniest moments caught on digital camera.

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  1. Jessica says

    Simon is gonna end up brain dead before 13

  2. marc parks says

    Mind shrug library overwhelming assessment administrator general prison readily vary before.

  3. Cherokee Queen says

    That last chick….is about to get the worse case of domestic abuse ever known to man! 😂😂

  4. Kobe Mertens says

    Amid transfer early tire boss brain build author equity.

  5. Greg Harrison says

    14:32 'He has no idea we're about to do this'…you can tell him after he comes out of the coma in ICU.

  6. Jordan Nelson says

    Would do the same thing as the girl in the grey hoodie, bitch don't annoy me by stepping on my desk, bye bitch! 13:15

  7. Herbert Simon says

    Showing someone hiding in a refrigerator is as irresponsible as a video can be! NOT funny, some kid will mimic this and suffocate!

  8. Mateo Vazquez says

    Humor protective height alcohol whether answer guide radiation top

  9. Mega Lulz says

    Tired of waiting for the best new fails? Check us out on MEGA LULZ!

  10. Joshua baker says

    the first one acting like stone cold steve austin not funny

  11. memadman says

    @1:20, you don't need friends like that.  What an ass of a friend.  He should get arrested for assault.

  12. adam feder says

    That cocky bitch at the end – I hope he got her back really good somehow. Either that or she needed a huge favor from him and he said screw you lol

  13. Sven Norén says

    A number of these are not fails per se, they are people succeeding admirably – in being assholes.

  14. Roxas258 says

    The amount of people defending the child in the last clip is almost scary lol. So many people expecting women to just serve their every order.

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