Ben Simmons ELECTRIC Performance vs. The Dallas Mavericks (23 pts, 7 rebs, 8 ast)

Check out Philadelphia 76er’s rookie Ben Simmons in his electrical efficiency in opposition to Dirk and the Dallas Mavericks

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  1. disa69er says

    looks so smoove and easy! Like this guys playstyle a lot

  2. Jayy Stepp says

    Carson Wentz Ben Simmons Joel Emiid Rhys Hoskins > your citys future

  3. Chaz Bustos says

    As much as I love giannis… He is not taking the throne when LeBron leaves. Simmons is..

  4. Alfred Kalapu says

    Right hand shooter trying to be a left hand shooter….but he's got it down tho…

  5. Kollin Lore says

    Why stop at ROTY? If he can average just under a triple number, MVP. Giannis can wait.

  6. Pierre Frezot says

    Ben Simmons = rookie of the year ans seasons 2018-2019 = MVP

  7. Psycho Blue says

    idk why but i would love yo see Simmons in a game with a guy like porzingis a 7foot pg with a 7-3 center both can handle pass great that would be nasty.

  8. HW Chan says

    at this rate, better than both of the lakers 2nd pick Ingram and Lonzo combined..

  9. Johnny Ringo says

    Sixers needs to tank this season and get Michael Porter Jr. Game over NBA!

  10. Kevin Rosales says

    Just look at Mark Cuban after every shot in the 4th… comedy

  11. Xaviér Smith says

    LeBron: tall dark skinned pass-first righty thats equally as good with his left

    Ben Simmons: tall light skinned pass first lefty thats equally as good with his right.

    Its like a living mirror effect

  12. laoking31 says

    Keep in mind the shots that impressed the announcers where all in the 4th quarter….you know the same time lebron james turns the chosen one into the frozen one like skip bayless says lol

  13. James Vici says

    Rookie of the Year no doubt.. he is too far ahead of Ingram, and this year's Rookies.

  14. NBA JAM TV says

    That two handed dunk was BIG TIME! You don't wanna be anywhere near that dunk, LOL

  15. Omar Q says

    Meanwhile Lakers got Brandon Ingram. The Lord of Bricks.

  16. Omar Q says

    If he can develop a J he's going to be a serious problem

  17. HOLLAHfoDOLLAH says

    There's going to be some amazing battles between Ben Simmons and Giannis in the future.

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