Behind the Scenes of VALERIAN (Making Of)

Go behind the scenes of Luc Besson’s VALERIAN

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  1. Kiki Kaum says

    This is my favorite movie ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. stylomojo says

    This work done all bigger scale than LUCY still it's hard to find audience who skeptic about Rivaling Star wars or Marvel's Guardian and Thor.
    It's not lucky like Transformers or Despicable me3

  3. RIZI 03 says

    Guardians of the galaxy meets StarWars

  4. Blackrew says

    Too bad it didn't do that well in theaters. I guess because the books aren't widely known in the US or something

  5. Michael Gallagher says

    I liked it, but unfortunately, it bombed. Hope too many careers aren't wrecked by it.

  6. Primigenium Libro España says

    Omg, bad critics and a shitty relationship, but the rest is fucking amazing, i just love almost everything of this movie 7/10

  7. GirlPOWER XD says

    Honestly went a followed all the cast after this movie it's so fucking good

  8. SAMU T says

    just finished watching

    im in love ❤

  9. OneEsk19 says

    This was an amazingly cool movie. Best visuals I've seen in film so far and great chemistry between Valerian and Laureline. 8/10

  10. sbowesuk says

    This movie is an exercise in failed casting. I don't think they got a single part locked down correctly. This movie as destined to flop.

  11. Achote671 says

    Magical Cara sweeter than sugar higher than drugs perfect with marijane…..climax to heaven oooooooh

  12. allexx_ 306 says

    Der Film ist bestimmt voll gut und sie ist so hübsch und ich liebe disen kanal

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