Behind the scenes of IP MAN 3 (Donnie Yen – Mike Tyson)

Learn extra about the story of IP Man 3 starring Donnie Yen!
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The Story of IP MAN 3 Making Of “Behind the Scenes”
A Movie directed by Wilson Yip
Cast : Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson, Patrick Tam, Aurélien Lequet, Jin Zhang
Release Date : January 22, 2016
Genre : Action, Biography, Drama

IP MAN 3 Trailer
© 2015 – Well Go USA Entertainment

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  1. Alan Garcia says

    I watched this movie last night and after watching it all I can say is that I loved it and I freakin admire Yip Man and his life (if it really was mostly like the movies tell it). This man fought so that he didn't have to fight. He always fought with his heart driving him and his actions. That's what a good man is.

  2. Ayoub Blanc says


  3. Panther1 says

    Ip Man versus Iron Mike!!! I might have to go see this.

  4. Anas Sufi says

    i Have watch this movie, no one's win mike tyson vs donnie ther result is draw

  5. The Baik's says

    The first and second one more interesting than these. Something missing in this movie, I missing my money. The drama seems like familiar

  6. dollayx8 says

    i was waiting for cg bruce lee but it turn just donie used bruce one inch punch for end the last fight

  7. Tam Nguyen says

    In Germany we have to wait until May to watch for Ip man 3! -It's a shame!!! Probably we are the last during the whole world have seen this great prequel!!! only 1 word: F.U.C.K.!!!

  8. Paul Reese says

    Two Thumbt Up! Wassup1 frightening skin What's your opinion abtut

  9. Children of The Most High says

    so its out 2016 is that correct , if so cant wait but where will we see it as its not going to be in all cinemas globally ????

  10. DoubleDutchGamer says

    Why mike tyson out of all prople on the world they ask him -.- i rather see scott adkins..

  11. fernando martinez says

    yeah IP man 3. this is gonna be a great movie. I am such a big fan of Donnie yen. hopefully one day I get to meet him. and I want to learn martial arts specifically from him.

  12. Johnny Eli says

    This is what I have been waiting for Donnie

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