Behind the Scenes of Game Of Thrones Season 7 (Making Of)

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On the Set of Game od Thrones Season 7
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  1. Virginia Ivins says

    The way they were looking at each other before anyone said anything it reminded me of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly scene at the cemetery, Lol.

  2. Entropy Spawn says

    So much fan service, so much self promotion, so much hype, so much… turned off by watching all those actors spaz out like how who ever directs these stupid fucking "behind the scenes" videos they put out RIGHT AFTER THE SEASON HAS FINISHED! You could have waited a month, two, half a year maybe?! Sure, it won't have as many hits, but at least the ton of exposition you giving us would have a fucking point!
    Seriously, I hate that self jerking the series giving it self. It's so pathetically desperate I really can't take it, I have to speak! Yeah, we know! 7 years worth of building up are about to pay off, in two years time that is. Don't remind me, and, for for sake, give us an actual opinion of your own every once in a while. I, we can tell when you are acting, and when you're thinking something original!

  3. George Oakey says

    The wolfs eye on Jon snows sword keeps on opening and shutting

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