Bath Time DIY’s (Bath Bombs & Tub Teas)

Hey guys!! I am getting over a nasty head chilly, however I did not need to delay on placing up one other video.. Today I am making three completely different bathtub bombs + tub teas.. Hope you attempt them out and revel in!

Bath Bomb
Base Dry Ingredients-

1 Cup Baking Soda
half Cup Citric Acid
half Cup Epsom Salts

Base Wet Ingredients-
three tsp Almond Oil
1 tsp Water

Coffee Bath Bomb
combine base with 2 tablespoons floor Organic espresso

Detox Clay Bath Bomb
combine base with 2 Tablespoons Bentonite Clay + four Drops Tea Trea Oil

Aromatherapy Bath Bomb
combine base with 2 tablespoons dried powder eucalyptus + 2 drops lavender + 2 drops peppermint

Tub Teas –

Relaxing Tub Tea
Equal elements dried powder oatmeal + dried lavender + sea salt
eight drops Lavender EO

Soothing Tub Tea
Equal elements dried powder oatmeal + rosemary + chamomile

Uplifting Tub Tea
Equal elements dried powder oatmeal + inexperienced tea. eight Drops peppermint EO.









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  1. Natasha Green says

    Coffee is great for Cellulite
    Bentonite Clay is great for drawing out the oils in the skin and aiding acne.

  2. Natasha Green says

    I would recommend not using food colouring as it can colour bomb your bath, if you don't have proper bath bomb safe colours eg: Micas or oxides then you can use a lol bit of eye shadow to color them

  3. paigeypaigey777 says

    You should use instant coffee instead, no grounds left over in the bath!

  4. Jessi Saunders says

    So, I've never taken baths in a relaxing way, always being doing it with just plain water and basically just washing myself. When you do this kind of things, adding oils, salts, etc. Do you wash yourself with that water? Or is it just for soaking and relaxing? Can you pour water on your head or face? Is it not dangerous to your private areas? If you want to cleanse yourself, do you take a shower before or after? What is the deal? xD Sorry if it's obvious, I have assumptions, but I want to confirm. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Stuti Sharma says

    Hey Rachael..can u recommend some other ingredient which is readily available to replace citric acid…

  6. Karla diaz says

    Is this safe for pregnancy? I'm a first time mom so I'm not very sure if all this is safe?

  7. Erin says

    I love your bath time DIYs! I currently do not have a bathtub; we have a shower. I would love to see if you have any DIY shower products!

  8. Erica says

    Would love to see where you store all your craft stuff I find with a little one and myself being a teacher it's three shelves of pure madness and since your always using different things I'm wondering how you prevent this from happening.

  9. Ghost Girl says

    coffee and rose would have been nice, reminds me of turkish coffee that I used to drink

  10. Allison Carey says

    These are my absolute favorite types of videos! Plz make moreee!!!!

  11. Yarii Iglecias says

    the tea baggies are so cute! can't wait for the weekend so i can take a bath!

  12. Teresa says

    I love your videos! You're very innovative and creative, and easy-to listen too 🙂 Love the idea of a Tea-Bath. Going to be making a few and giving them as gifts.. and try them myself of course

  13. Jenell Ihm says

    rachel is always making sure her videos are amazing and they are.

  14. Fatima Nasir says

    hey rachel im a huge fan of your videos .. i really really appreciate the way you are the way you make these videos and share all those things that r the part of lives turned out to be the best for me when i jump in my bed being curious to watch ur videos.. i love the way it is..keep making such videos

  15. WhiteTigerEmilie says

    Also the body shop sells a metal tea strainer for your bath tube for 5$ 🙂

  16. JinxedKaetzchen says

    Love these ideas!!! Will have to try them out soon 🙂 Do the bath bombs freeze well so I can keep them fresher longer?

  17. EllitsaKaramelitsa says

    Rachel Talbott, you are my inspiration. I watch you Day and night, and can not get enough! Your life is so interesting to watch play out in front of me. How organized you are inspires me and makes me want to get organized too! I buy everything you have. No joke. Anyways, love your vids and you SO much! If you could reply that would mean the world to me!

  18. Agr8fullife says

    Do you have a similar recipe for making shower tabs that emit an aromatherapy scent when placed below your shower head? I buy them at Ulta, Sprouts or Whole Foods but would like to try making my own if I can find a recipe.

  19. D.Brown says

    You have the best ideas Rachel! Loved this video!

  20. Shell says

    This looks so good! I will keep this video in mind if I decide to do this one day 👌

  21. Alycia McDuff says

    You are my favorite YouTuber. I just love the way you edit, your diy ideas and just the aesthetic overall. You have such awesome quality content and I just get so excited when you upload✌🏼

  22. Rachel Kyes says

    Do I need to run the oatmeal through the food processor? I don't have one and wanted to know if it will work the same if it's not powdered!

  23. Lady_83 says

    Small Youtubers want to support each other?

  24. Kristen Nicole says

    I have never thought about doing the little tea bags for the bath! SO cute!

  25. Just Bee says

    Loved this video! Empty plastic easter eggs make great molds super cute & inexpensive.

  26. Christina T says

    I love the tub tea idea! I don't like things directly in my bath but I like those since they just seem to infuse the water. I will definitely try them out!

  27. DGolden says

    By far the best DIYs on YouTube! I love your content and the way you film! And your voice is so soothing- even with a cold!

  28. Mia M says

    Where do you buy the mesh bags? For your bath tub tea?

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