Baker at center of SCOTUS gay wedding cake case speaks out

On ‘Fox & Friends,’ Jack Phillips discusses the backlash after he denied a same-sex couple’s cake request.

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  1. Blue Elephant says

    The gay couple should go find a Muslim baker bet he would take them to a roof top and teach them how to fly.
    In Canada he would then be awarded millions of dollars.

  2. Ali Sarsour صرصور says

    Most places reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Next time he should just refuse service and not explain why. They should've just went to another bakery. If they went to a Muslim bakery they would've said no but you never hear that.

  3. MUTE8 says

    Right of refusal
    Regardless of who gets offended

  4. Brian Pedersen says

    Faith has no place in business. If you serve the public, and choose to be open to the public, you are legally bound to serve everyone fairly.

    You aren't an artist. You're a glorified cook. Deal with it.

    If you want to bake for religious zealots, open a bakery in a diocese. If you want the public's attention and interest, and MONEY…guess what, you're working for everyone equally.

    Get over yourselves.

  5. Mama Trama says

    The world is in deep darkness but the light of the Lord will continue to shine through his people

  6. Grace Christian says

    You expect us to love and respect gays when they dont love or respect our decision not to make cake for them!! Typical athiest gays!! Sad evil world

  7. James Kennedy says

    I'm willing to tolerate homosexuality. I'm not willing to tolerate the destruction of hetero sexuality!!!

  8. James Kennedy says

    This seems Easley, simply clear to me. isn't a man a man? isn't a woman a woman? Maybe? gays and liberals have a small leg to stand on?

  9. Robert Fields says

    Fuck this pile of shit, I hope his business goes bankrupt. He's a filthy traitor to this country and an enemy of liberty.

  10. Anna Marcalleti says


  11. Jeremy Parsons says

    hold on one dam minute, the gays are demanding a cake to be made in a way he cant make it, its not about having 2 guys names on the dam cake, and wedding cakes almost never have names on it. it is what they are demanding, is it a dick cake they are demanding??? we are not being told the entire truth here by the media.

  12. Jeremy Parsons says

    notice the gays are not going to a muslim cake shop to set them up.

  13. MickeyMallory Knox says

    Fox news, you need to vet your comments because there's more hate speech spewing here. It boils over and you're just as guilty as everyone else for allowing it to happen.

  14. Patty Burkett says

    This is nothing new they’ve already gone over this thing and destroyed one family in Oregon alone because they refused to do the same thing The two lesbian women that wanted their wedding cake made could’ve passed about 50 bakeries along the way to go from their end of the county clear out to the Gresham Oregon Christian couples bakery. Not to mention that they set them up by going to t their store at a time prior buying bakery items and then they go in and set them up Knowing they’re Christians and against homosexuality and lesbianism so the whole thing is beyond ignorant people need to wrap their heads around their own business and quit screwing around forcing all the rest of us to go along with bullshit I don’t care what anybody does as long as they’re not hurting anybody and not bothering me with their stupid knock it off grow up Children are being stolen and murdered wake up you morons pay attention to reality for a change said Barry Soetero

  15. Guest Guest says

    He didn't feel like baking a cake that day..what's the problem?🍰

  16. Sue Sally says

    You open up a BusinessTo the public. And this want is. A business service to the public.

  17. Ken King says

    He did not refuse to make a cake for a same sex couple. That is blatantly false. He refused to make a cake for a same sex wedding.

  18. neoslyck says

    Separation of church and state. Your views on what things should be are not protected nor should they be. Allowing a business to discriminate against something like this opens up that whole "colored's only thing". Maybe my religion says jews are bad, so now i don't have to serve them. Maybe i work in a government office….. Slippery slope this one.

  19. XDarkSyntaXOriginal says

    It's just a cake. Why let belief in archaic mythology hinder you from making money and affect reality? That's just stupid.
    As for the couple. There's more than one bakery.Why tie up courts and waste tax dollars on something that could be remedied else where.

  20. Frank Nash says

    When you feel like a victim and shop for a lawsuit it will not take long to find one.
    This will be a close one!

  21. Mama Trama says

    God bless you Mr Phillips. Faith sometimes comes at a price. Hopefully God vindicates you and allows our freedoms continue.

  22. James Kennedy says

    Just seems to me, it would be easier for gays to learn how to bake a cake? save taxpayers lots of money for nothing!

  23. Norman Payne says

    Force good Christian folk to serve the devil. I don't think so !!!!! All lgbt's are mental cases and pure evil so burn em alive

  24. DB Cisco says

    Fucking Fundie scumbags should be in a mental institution.

  25. Daniel-Rachel Martin says

    If you get rid of the biblical definition of life and things you are left with the general consensus deciding what is right and wrong. Or you are left with an authoritarian elite deciding what things should be. You can change a definition but it doesn't change the thing itself. Compassion should be given on the side of all people's and beliefs, because all people are valuable to God. It would be wrong to ask this man to make a cake with a pentigram, and no one would be upset if a buhdist refused to make a cake with the Christian flag on it. It certainly wouldn't be an argument for the supreme Court to decide, it would be something they should just get over because it's not descrimination.

  26. DB Cisco says

    Denny's can now refuse to "create artistic meals" for "Son's of Cain" on religious grounds.
    Slippery slope and religitards don't give a shit.

  27. ThrummerOfLove says

    Where in the Constitution does it say that you lose your religious freedom when you open a business?

  28. CjJohnWynn says

    Our government should have nothing to do with this shit.

  29. You Are Wrong says

    They guy said he wouldn't make a wedding cake due to his beliefs, but why the hell would he be required to engage in business, which is his property, with anyone for any reason? That's the problem here. Forget about the 1st amendment, this is a direct assault on the 4th amendment.

  30. Deplorable Sylvester says

    This could backfire on the Libs. A Muslim could go to a Gay Baker and demand a Pro Jihadi Anti-Gay cake. Anyone could go to a Muslim Baker and demand them to paint their prophet Mohammad on a cake (a big no no in their world.) Anyone could demand Libs to make
    Anti-Antifa, Anti-BLM, Anti-Planned Parenthood cakes.
    And around and around we go.

  31. saintsamaritan says

    See and feel the satanic intent that lurks behind the same-sex couple – they don't just say and huff "Well then, we'll just take our business elsewhere!" They can't buy a squeezer and icing, and write the message themselves. No, they scream and demand and sue!

  32. BonnieBlue2A says

    This baker and his wife have been through hell. Pray for them, please.

  33. TheBic4 says

    Can’t wait till stores stop serving Christians because of their religious beliefs

  34. SIKHS 4 TRUMP says

    This country is fucked. Mark my words. It's only downhill from here…btw I support this man.

  35. Cynthia E Kettlewell says

    The reason they go to believers of TRUTH to get their cakes or other wedding related materials is because they are trying to say you must accept us using the GOD is love formula so you must forgive and love no matter what you believe about them however that is not JESUS CHRIST GOD'S way JESUS said YOU Must be BORN AGAIN not of FLESH but of The HOLY SPIRIT/HOLY GHOST!!!!! Their and the world's and church world's confusion is that your FLESH changes No it doesn't it will still want to commit SIN but it's THE NEW Person inside you that doesnt want or need to SIN!!!! THEY arent interested in dealing with other religions to get a cake because they arent THE TRUTH!!!!! Neither do they care what life this community of people live!!!!

  36. Dontwantlove says

    Message to gay liberals: Go to a Muslim baker! He will treat you well.

    By the way, why not force hip hop artists to make gay rap albums?

  37. 1thess523 says

    What's funny is the ALCU is running an ad on the video about the very issue 🤔

  38. sun shin3 says

    We support the BAKER!!
    We reserve the right to refuse service.
    Do not let gay people force themselves on everyone.

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