AVENGERS Infinity War 4K Trailer

AVENGERS three Infinity War Trailer ✩ Superhero Marvel Movie HD
Release Date : 2018
Genre : Superhero Movie

AVENGERS three Infinity War Trailer ✩ Superhero Marvel Movie HD
© 2018 – ✩ Marvel

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  1. Boy Lodicles says

    Im Confused haha 1st the soul stone is in Heimdall 2nd its in Wakanda and its going back in Forth😵😵

  2. More Tea says

    DC you can either surrender now or face enormous embarrassment after everyone forgets about your pathetic cinematic universe.

  3. Alverto olvera says

    Spiderman looks so cool with his new armor suit, sooooo cool😁😁😁😁

  4. Dalton Wing says

    Something I noticed about Iron Man… You see him holding someones hand and almost crying, maybe? Then later you see him turn around, and it MIGHT just be me, but his eyes look like he's been crying. And then right before Thanos punched Tony, you see him almost flinch and hold up his hands. Like Thanos just killed someone and Tony is so helpless to this huge threat…almost as if fighting him is useless……. I HOPE AT LEAST! I want this movie to be VERY deep and emotional way more than anything in the MCU before. So excited for this film!

  5. DJ KWT says

    Thanos like a cartoon lol graffic

  6. ZooKoh says

    Where is deadpool, X-Men and Goku?

  7. funh3ll says

    This definitely puts a smile on my face.

  8. wario7414 says

    "Who the heck are you guys?"

    "I am Groot."

  9. rushc5 says

    I still hate the Spider-Man costume. They've stripped him of basically all his powers and he now depends on the suit rather than instinct. Hell, even his Spidey Senses are now a product of the suit.

  10. Mark243099 says

    Why does Thanos look like a CGI blob not really well done

  11. beeb1134 says

    Guys! Ant man is in there. You just can’t see him because he’s really small 😂 turn it up to 4K and zoom in at 0:46 seconds

  12. Tyler Symons says

    Am i the only one wondering why it doesnt say part 1 or something at the end? i thought this was gonna be in two parts?

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