Armada of US naval firepower gathers off Korean peninsula

Three plane carriers take part in workouts aimed toward sending message to North Korean regime; Greg Palkot experiences.

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  1. mars1936 says

    Savior of World Peace, President Donald Trump!

  2. Robert Hudson says

    The Russians can hack the systems on these ships and they can sink them before the crew even knows what has happened.

  3. JASON'S WORLD says

    The Weapons manufacturers and Warmongering stock holders approve of this waste of tax dollars.

  4. Man Ransom says

    Greatest Air Force in the world: U.S. Air Force.

    2nd Greatest Air Force in the world: U.S. Navy

    Enough said.

  5. Stephen Francescon says

    Hey little fat smiling fool take a good look at what’s parked off you’re coast!!!! That’s twice what’s needed to turn you’re whole damm country into a parking lot!!!!!! So please keep doing dumb shit!!!! Idiot

  6. Michael LeBlanc says

    N-Korea – a nation with a population 10 million less than that Canada's and apparently dirt poor. What blows me away is that everyone is falling for this 'Paper Tiger' game. N-Korea is nothing more than China's stooge and Yap-dog. China is the threat. It is the only real threat. It's like the standard magician's trick using distraction with one hand while the other is doing something else. Just hope American military leadership understands this are are not as naive as many comments on this thread demonstrate. . . One hope hope of mine is that American Leadership knows better and is going  along with this charade is  because if the reality were acknowledged, the public would panic with the reality of how serious the situation has become. The other hope is that this is just a game of staged one up-manship being played out in the media and in fact not all that serious after all.

  7. tampajohn says

    After NK is destroyed. Trump should go over and piss on Kim Jong Un’s corpse. And then say. “You’re Fired!”

  8. Bombardus says

    Good… Stay together…. Making a nice target for Kim.
    One nuke will do the trick……
    (or wait it out. The us navi will probably ran in to each other 😂)

  9. Ahra0510 says

    We don’t have enough time we have to do something with North Korea before them.

  10. Stivan Medicov says

    Exactly. It's a show of force. Absolutely nothing more. There are no circumstances in which the US will attack N Korea. They will finish they're "drills" and then leave.

  11. Bigg Redd says

    OAKLAND'S Chief of
    Police should explain
    why the AMERICAN
    on Veteran's Day and
    the several days prior.

  12. Peter Dafcan says

    Archive footage taken during an exercise on April 23 2017

  13. Truth Is Freedom says

    Anyone else hearing "Hiiiiighwaaaay toooo the danger zone!" watching those carriers and jets? Lol

  14. Michael LeBlanc says

    The most powerful nation in Europe and the Americas once sent an Armada to England . . .

  15. freddy fudpucker says

    Let's see……… Only three, A good start. Somebody please push the button. Half the effort has already been spent. But spread out the fleet so that one lucky nuke does not take them all out. Bring atleast 20 B52s , 5 B2s and 10 B1Bs into the mix along with a wing of A-10s . Then the North Korean Government would see we are serious about deleting their silly shit. Note: we already have a wing or two of F-35s and a few F-22 s scoping out the situation.

  16. ekimshield says

    I really don't think that the world realizes just how powerful the modern US Navy is.

  17. melqui rivera says

    If South Korea japan the us and China surround North Korea and tell Kin to surrender or die he would surrender when he sees the massive arsenal on his shores that way we wouldn’t have to unleash the wrath of God upon them with force and fire

  18. RevBiker Big D says

    Just get rid of the little fat boy,black opps! Be done with it !

  19. jacob mcgill says

    President Trump stick a fork in fat little noodle rocket man he's done!!!!!!!! MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. OB KB says

    So they are still there…. this was something we knew a month ago…

  21. Master Tracker says

    All of the U.S. "Firepower " and bullshit costs America hundreds of millions each and every day . The strategy of Fat Ass = Keep America and the rest of the world on edge while bleeding America dry . This will go on for years .
    Wipe him out and do it soon .

  22. Jesus is Lord of all!! Every knee shall bow says

    Best President ever!!!
    I absolutely love President Trump. He is NOT bought and paid for like our previous Presidents, so, expect the unexpected from President Trump.
    I thank God for such a wonderful man to hold the most precious seat in America.

  23. STAUNCH NZ says

    kim needs to send his cargo ships out to meet the us fleet lol

  24. Carlotta H says

    Kim Jong-un looks like he is clapping for the armada.

  25. Ash Ravenwood says

    OMG people..either north korea and America go to war or get on with our lives…This is like watching two people do that stupid nose to nose bullshit right before a fight…Just hit the guy or walk away.

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