“ARE YOU OKAY!?” – WE LOVE FAILS! – July 2017 | Funny Weekly Fail Compilation | Best Fails Montage

“Are you okay!?” – WE LOVE FAILS! humorous montage for July 2017. Weekly choice features a bike dab turns right into a crash, bikini lady hits rocks on rope swing, trampoline flip fail, nut shot on pole in parking zone, cliff dive stomach flop, bike leap ends in boat crash, playground face within the filth, hoverboard fails, treadmill bloopers, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

Check out Team Internet “The Escalator Talk Show” Video:

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  1. Shannon Brewer says

    establish early address far plant its blind colleague withdraw banking often issue.

  2. J Codevilla says

    Hahaha! It is so huhlareeus😂🐶🌚⛄️😑🙀👍💙💌💄💋💲💲🚳🚷😆

  3. SJD Diys says

    I don't like these fails BC people get badly hurt alto I love fails this one I don't like

  4. Arav says

    8:35….nice place to hangout..can i hav the location. name

  5. Misty Matney says

    was that dog OK the one with the girl riding a skateboard

  6. Crow1y says

    oooooh yeah!
    second clip was awesome!

  7. Clean Living says

    People laugh way, way more than I would for similar situations

  8. elrevelde04 says

    1:21, almost knee-high socks and Crocs? Shit, it's like a lethal injection for the eyes.


    i dont see how people can be so stupid like i do dangerous things but i can still see whether or not im going to turn into a vegetable or not i mean that first one first its right above rocks… in other words YOUR FUCKED second the rope looks like its pretty close to the ground letalone without the extra 5 to 6 feet the person swinging would be 3 she clearly cant even hold her own body weight….

    and the thing that makes it worse is that all her friends thought it was a good idea aswell.

    i must have one of the functional brain because where im about to do some and can see whats going to happen if i take different options.

    like for instance if i
    am kicking a ball in my head i get all these curved lines which show different routes and which ever matches up with the goal i kick it that way

  10. Arkhitektz says

    bwahahaha look at those two fat samoan fucks on those jetskis

  11. Green says

    hell of a bone smashing fall..wtf

  12. Spacecow231 says

    how is purposely flipping into the water a fail? is it the hitting the water hard part? more importantly, how is it funny?

  13. David says

    hmmm??? Put your left foot on it? You mean right foot??

  14. PranksArmy says

    Headshot! hahhahhaha Nice video dude.Will subscribe back to anyone who subscrbe to this channel 😀 😀

  15. Logan McLendon says

    The real fail is vertical recording- Facebook meme circa 2013

  16. Fleur Lynette says

    Hot guy smashing his face on the concrete. The best. I can't get enough.

  17. Sincere One says

    The 2nd video…That girl definitely broke something.

  18. Girl Power says

    some of these are pretty bad, but some of these are really funny!! This video made me laugh!

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