Apple moving into AR, Chrome to block URL redirects

Today’s main tech headlines embody Apple’s rumored AR headset, Chrome’s determination to block URL redirects subsequent yr and Instagram permitting older media uploads to Stories.

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  1. FastLikeUNO says

    Firefox is way better in terms of being light on its feet.

  2. Rush Cereal says

    Can someone explain this whole URL redirect thing? An article or something? (Props to CNET for not using references!) As a web developer I'm worried that Google is doing something stupid.

  3. Robert Putnam says

    I must be special… Firefox blocks redirects by default, popping up a warning/allow-redirect message for the user.

  4. John / DDFusion says

    God damn it, google. If you really want external sites to not use redirect, try lobbying to congress for better rules.

  5. LifezLife says

    I use URL requests everyday 😭 SCREW YOU CHROME 🤬🤬

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