Americans might be getting sick of Santa

Fox Biz Flash: Wednesday, 11/eight

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  1. NOT a Dimliboturd POS says

    NO, it's the Corporate profit meaning of many holidays people are growing sick of!!! Let's be Real!!!

  2. Sorry2Baked says

    only non whites im sure… what the fuck is this bullshit.

  3. Collin Hennessy says

    A generation of kids raised in broken families has robbed America of it's Christmas cheer. Good job feminists, you killed Santa.

  4. Panzer 1917 says

    Santa is symbol of Christmas! Don’t let these SJWS Faggots take away the holiday for all of us celebrate.

  5. R K says

    Why are we questioning the desire for Santa? Of course we need Santa in our lives during the Christmas holiday season. Did a liberal person bring up the question for the need of Santa?

  6. cbdawgpound says



  7. TheDave570 says

    Maybe you should go back to church !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Matthew AZ boy says

    As someone who used to be in sales and marketing the joke is that santa is the biggest marketing scam ever! Ho ho ho… ha ha ha dumb shits!

  9. 000000Kimo says

    I think we can keep Jesus, Santa, family, and gifts…..and the words Merry Christmas.
    Maybe we should cut back on taxes and work hours so that we have time and energy for what's important.

  10. Mark Green says

    Apparently, this year Santa is going to be packing an AR 15 assault rifle just in case he goes down the chimney of a trigger happy Trump supporter who wants to blow his head off for being a liberal.

  11. Lilly Day says

    Send Santa back to Germany!! Jesus is the reason for the season!!

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