American students studying abroad honor fallen US soldiers

Duquesne University program in Rome goals to attach students with the lives of fallen U.S. soldiers.

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  1. XBDOT7 says

    I am so proud of these young people. May God watch over them, for all the days of their lives.

  2. Northern Thai Garden Guy says

    So very proud to be an American. Even more proud of these young Americans and Italians coming together to honor those who sacrificed all for our freedom today. Well done!

  3. Jeremy Parsons says

    ummm i am sorry but i am calling BS on this, this is a feel good story and nothing more.

  4. Elvin Ostrup says

    Indoctrination at an early age.
    This is indeed the Starship Troopers timeline.

  5. Leonard Wong says

    Good to see such patriotism among such impressionable youths! got to respect the real soldiers.

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