Amb. Bolton on the goals of President Trump’s Asia tour

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations discusses what the president might accomplish on his first go to to a number of Asian nations.

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  1. Taekwon Yoo says

    We and US Force needs to decapitate Moon first before we decapitate Kim’s regime. Let’s be Side by side standing strong with Japan, America, and S Korean conservatives.

  2. Marcus says

    President Bone Spurs finally goes to Korea …coward

  3. Amar Grewal says

    both NK and Pakistan are virtual puppets of China and both the countries must be denuclearized to ensure peace

  4. Ashley Thomas says

    Man FOX have no clue. Japan, S,K, and Vietnam are locked in to the new TTP' deal. USA IS OUT! Trump'll make a fuss about a couple of individual deals but NO Bilateral Trade Deals with the US.

  5. chris leonard says

    Lotta paid Scroogle Alphabits SEE EYE AY trolls here. Good sign: The more threatened the liberal dickheads are the more they troll 😀

  6. JohnBoehners says

    What a World Wide Embarrassment. Now Tfrump can go on stage with "real smart people" and make an even bigger ass of himself! Wake up America!

  7. John Koster says

    Here's a goal Trump, don't start WW3. Think you can manage that Donald???

  8. David Paul says

    As an ex-military Man Army, infantry soldier 11b Alaska 2/17th. I am so proud of ALL my great Navy friends!! The U.S. Navy rules! Goodness gracious 3 Carrier groups! Geez! The North Koreans Are In really hot water now. The power the United States Navy can project is absolutely enormous, NK Will back down without a shot fired! Peace through overwhelming power! Go Navy!

  9. STAUNCH NZ says

    john bolton should be sent first to the frontline with a water gun

  10. afrose71 says

    Quick, Melania, this is your chance to escape!

  11. jmaczuga says

    John Bolton should be the spokesperson for KFC. He is a war mongering jackass.

  12. Zep Tepi says

    Trump should get a Kim Jung Un hairdo. THAT would be a great accomplishment.

  13. IonlyRob White420Dealers says

    Fun Facts:White People have 22% Neanderthal DNA aka Chimpanzee BLOOD 😨 and 25% of White Kids are born with tails 😅 Explains thier animalistic anger. 100% True. Link below.

  14. Golden Arts says

    I think this is really important, visiting all the world leaders and get a personal and real interaction with them can both solve but also create problems, however, I think it is much easier to actually end up with common sense on the issues when you talk about them in real life. The internet, phones, and media is never a good way of getting messages across as we all have witnessed both before but most importantly after Trump became president.

  15. Eva Flores says

    Hope that stupid doesn't ruin the trip with his ignorance

  16. tattoodtoolow says

    Trump is meeting Putin on trip. Via press core on AF1 just before landing in Japan

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