Amazing Health Benefits of ONIONS | Health and Beauty Benefits

Watch► Amazing Health Benefits of ONIONS | Health and Beauty Benefits
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Today I’m Going To share With the Information with you , Amazing #HealthandBeauty Benefits of ONIONS

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  1. Beatrice Rosales says

    I am in tremendous mental anxiety as I started reading through this “fizo amazing plan” (Google it) because my A1c was 11.5% and my blood sugar level has hit 300. That was only 2 months ago. I strictly followed “fizo amazing plan” (Google it). And that’s when the wonder began to work. I couldn’t hold my joy as I discovered that my average PP sugar level is down to 140.

  2. Nomad Egypt says

    Absolutely ! Thank you for the video . The medicine of the ancient Egyptians is some of the oldest documented. Onions are depicted in many paintings found inside pyramids and tombs that span the history of ancient Egypt. The paintings show onions being consumed at feasts, as funeral offerings, on altars and in the hands of priests. Various types of onions are shown, from young, green onions to large yellow ones, and both the leaves and the roots were used. They had the knowledge !

  3. shooter man says

    some doctoer say is not good for daibet pastion ….

  4. vusi mashaba says

    How do I take the onion,do I chew it or eat it like a pill

  5. Juan Bowman says

    This is indeed one of the best material I have ever come across [Go Here===  ]. I'm sick and tired of people telling me how their so and so died of diabetes after being amputated. Type 2 diabetes can be managed and even reversed, what a great piece of info. With this wonderful information, I know I can overcome my type 2 diabetes of 10 years. Having been in medication and keeping a healthy lifestyle, I feel so much better by the day. An encouraging material.

  6. Juan Rivera says

    I have always been a fan of healthy cooking and healthy diet…just love this material [Go here===  ]. I have been living with diabetes for 5 years now, but I do not have a good skill when it comes to choosing the right ingredients and cooking in a healthy way. I will always deep fry and usually pay little or no attention to the fats. But now I know better. Great product.

  7. Eldon Varga says

    Much relief after going through this stuff [Go Here===  ]. Stress no doubt affects my blood sugar levels. Taking a walk usually help bring them down. Eating sweets is not my favorite, but if i take a large portion of them, my blood sugar level rises high. I think it's the high concentration of the glucose flowing into the bloodstream all at once. This is a lesson worth taking note of. This is a great material to learn from.

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