Air quality continues to worsen as fires ravage California

Adam Housley describes the ‘brutal’ situations.

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  1. Bill Fowler says

    Maybe California will have a earthquake and sink into the ocean 🤞

  2. Mat M says

    How did these fires start?

  3. caee ptrrr says

    Mother Nature is angry at the Trudeau Government

  4. Not Sure says

    I wonder if the leftwats are using their slaves (illegals) to fight the fire.

  5. DachsieMomma says

    I live in Southern California. In 2003 we had a fire that caused the air to be dark yellow the next day. It was really strange. Everything was closed because the air quality was horrendous. Fires are so awful!

  6. ThrummerOfLove says

    Have you ever stopped to wonder how all these fires got started?

  7. wolf yuri says

    buy fucking cigars and smoke them and take recreatinal weed 🙂

  8. xpto41 says

    we had the same shit in Portugal at 2 months ago…

  9. West Wall says

    Looks like one big bingo game. Ever been in a bingo hall with all those old ladies smoking?

  10. Sennie White says

    Embers blowing in the wind…That sounds so terrifying for homeowners trying to protect their properties.

  11. vwr32jeep says

    I hope the conservatives in California are safe!

  12. BonnieBlue2A says

    Every asthmatic who lives in an area known for wildfires should have a gas mask with changeable filters. A surgical mask isn't enough.

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