9/11 hero gives the gift of life to a total stranger

Former NYPD firefighter Kevin Shea donated his kidney to Lois Knudson.

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  1. Zep Tepi says

    The towers were blown up with explosives. Gravity doesn't throw multi-ton steel beams hundreds of feet sideways.

  2. TeleTube says

    Do not refer or allude to special energies or mystical powers when the man is right before you. For it is he that is the true hero. Gush praise the fuck upon him.

  3. chris leonard says

    There are some people who are so good and heroic, and yet most Americans worship 'celebrities' who are total assholes, stupid, greedy and immoral. Thanks for this story!

  4. Samantha W says

    As soon as you know it a Saudi would be given a kidney from someone who lived through 9/11. Trump loves those Muslims so much that he did a little sword dance with them…..smh

  5. KnightInShiningASMR says

    Fox and Friends,if one of Fox's presenters is in the studio long enough,are you allowed to keep them? Can you keep Molly?

  6. K Ham says

    She people are born heroes and they continue to give. We need more people in this awful world like this man. Thank you sir.

  7. SIKHS 4 TRUMP says

    Amazing man…wow God bless you sir…there is hope for humanity

  8. poodle dog says

    God bless Kevin will never forget all the things he has done for us

  9. Loretta Montgomery says

    What a kind soul. My late mother didn't believe in artificial life. She had a stroke and the very 1st thing is her Kidneys shut down. She was a retired RN. I suffer Kidney Disease and I have a friend who needs her transplant. I'm not well enough to donate a kidney. If you're in good health I find this gift of life a gift of love. Bless these people who donate. Merry Christmas everyone!

  10. OH Yeh! says

    Americans are amazing 💕🇺🇸🇺🇸🎄

  11. Jeepers Creepers says

    Me had a man once give me a 500 $ cash gift when I was a Montreal Escort 🙂

  12. Ana Gonzalez says

    I cry a lot when I watch 9/11 videos … it's pretty sad 😭

  13. BrainStorm4207 says

    So awesome she gets to be here for Christmas with that beautiful smile because of this amazing hero!! .Faith in Humanity +1 God Bless us all. Merry Christmas!!

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