5 Super foods that Kill Breast Cancer

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What are the very best foods to eat to stop breast most cancers?
What foods to eat to battle breast most cancers?
What foods to keep away from breast most cancers?
What are the very best foods to kill most cancers cells?

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  1. cz3rt1k2 says

    It should also be mentioned that deodorants / antiperspirants help breast cancer growth, because they contain dangerous chemicals (aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol) and also block release of toxins from your body (sweat). You can easily make deodorant at home by melting and mixing shea butter, coconut oil and essential oil of your choice. If your sweat stinks a lot, you should rethink your lifestyle and diet choices.

  2. krystall6 says

    garlic, flaxseed, salmon, blueberry, straw, rasp,

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