5 Camping Gear Inventions You MUST HAVE

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5 Camping Gear Inventions You MUST HAVE
Camping Hacks That Are Truly Genius

mendacity Tent – http://www.flyingtent.com/ – The wonderful multifunctional floating tent, hammock, rain poncho, extraordinaire. An actual Swiss Army Knife of performance.
O2Tech Lantern – http://www.o2tech.co/
Solo Stove-http://www.solostove.com/
Siesta4 Tent: http://goo.gl/IJJpq6

Coolest Cooler-http://coolest.com/#order-here
Solo Stove-http://www.solostove.com/
Air Pad 2-http://goo.gl/bFLfGY
O2Tech Smart Lantern: https://www.o2tech.co/ – $99.99
Trailpod: http://trailpod.co.uk/ – $249
Tegstove: http://www.tegology.com/ – $149.99
SOL Water: http://www.tortoisegear.com/ – $20
Apex Camping: http://go-outfitters.com/ – $159
RinseKit – http://www.rinsekit.com/ –
Heated Sleeping Bag – https://ravean.com/ –
The Lycan Powerbox – http://www.renogy.com/lycanpowerbox.html
BioLite BaseLantern – http://www.bioliteenergy.com/
Kodiak Canvas Swag Tent – http://www.kodiakcanvas.com
Velocity Grill – https://www.velocitygrill.com/
SOS Balloon – https://www.facebook.com/
Pure2Go – http://pure2gopurifier.com/
MacroBoom – http://www.roamproof.com/

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  1. God Emperor of Mankind says

    Wow……looks so great…(looks at my eureka tcop)

    Just noticed that giant disk hanging from that guys back. So practical……

  2. Naomi Starling says

    why would anyone want a phone or anything else when your camping if you take that stuff your just not camping no electric no gadgets gosh where have all the cowboys gone??

  3. laidlawify says

    A pop up tent for bikers, that dont act as a sail on a bike would be great..

  4. Nate says

    How do you get in you ask?

    "… sh*t back to the drawing board"

  5. Iambent says

    That hammack add makes me bounce up and down like a hacky sack

  6. johnathan ray says

    false advertising… shows tent hanging from a tree limb ….im going to run to the bank and back that company… NOT and yes the music suck

  7. Ynse Schaap says

    So all these years I've been freezing my nuts off for nothing, slept in a tent too bright and cooked on gas too heavy………Damn and I thought I was having fun

  8. C Heath says

    need to know more on solo stoves.and priceing.

  9. Jason Argone says

    Lol, this stuff is freaking useless if your out in the wild camping.That is camping as opposed to hanging out in your backyard. Who wants to trek this junk( like a USB fan or a whole house that looks like a tent) 20 miles? This crap is for kids with money and no skills.

  10. Sven3xs says

    This title has been shortened, the original title was "5 Camping Gear Inventions You MUST HAVE, but CAN'T BUY" …suckers..

  11. MrChaes says

    More completely. Adverbs are misunderstood

  12. Anvilshock says

    7:20 "This allows the fire to burn more complete." As opposed to just regular complete.

  13. Ravi Patel says

    how to order the flying tent ? will it be delivered in India Mumbai

  14. Abdulaziz Zezo says

    How we can order these online .. the links unfortunately are not helpful

  15. Parker Broberg says

    someone needs to build a backpack that can wash your cloths.

  16. dale carpenter says

    Why do they always use friggin orange color ?when Im out in the boontullies I don't want to advertise where im at .blue attracts mosquitos .how about a color that's nature .uh how about natural colors ?

  17. hlcturtle420 says

    How are you supposed to carry that huge tent and a back pack up a mountain to camp?

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