5 Best Luxury Van

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NO.1- mercedes vario alkoven 1200
http://goo.gl/uwwDPS http://goo.gl/Vg32Ns http://goo.gl/bTVVTW
http://goo.gl/XOugKD http://goo.gl/sbzYoK http://goo.gl/xk1lH0

NO.2 – klassen automotive design Vario
http://goo.gl/Pmp1A9 http://goo.gl/kORYTq http://goo.gl/ayNteo
https://goo.gl/3Fr5Ss http://goo.gl/04eTXx http://goo.gl/KTUDdm
http://goo.gl/LI6B0f http://goo.gl/CM7w92

NO.three – GMC Premier MOTORCOACH
http://goo.gl/c7j7aO https://goo.gl/ZPfLj4 https://goo.gl/owUiwO
http://goo.gl/s7fp0n https://goo.gl/Dhjkei http://goo.gl/5Ox2mM

NO.four – Dethleffs GLOBE4
https://goo.gl/WXQilg http://goo.gl/AP1HHb http://goo.gl/agCN6x
https://goo.gl/aV3WxQ http://goo.gl/bvYUPQ http://goo.gl/mP19x3
http://goo.gl/2lOZEm http://goo.gl/B9jOML

NO.5 – volkswagen t5 VIP
https://goo.gl/UL8WlN https://goo.gl/Alhgcx https://goo.gl/zR1ugp
http://goo.gl/QaIXUS http://goo.gl/J7Z4GG http://goo.gl/3rXNbz

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​Individualized by KLASSotic ® in your private wants.

Contact Person | Department KLASSEN

Paul Klassen
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: + 49 571 39 8001 11
Mobile: + 49 162 132 35 92
E-Mail: paul@klassen.de

Ruwim Klassen
Sales | VIP
Phone: + 49 571 39 8001 13
Mobile: + 49 172 857 45 03
E-Mail: ruwim@klassen.de

Phone: + 49 571 39 8001 – zero
Fax: + 49 571 39 8001 – 10
E-Mail: data@klassen.de
Internet: www.klassen.de

Hochmoderne KLASSEN ® | V.I.P. Fahrzeuge | www.klassen.de |
Wir, die KLASSEN | Car Design Technology ®, haben uns auf das Tuning und den Vertrieb von hochwertigen Fahrzeugen aller Art spezialisiert.
Sie wünschen ein individuelles und innovativ gestaltetes Automobil, das durch seine Optik besticht und keine Ihrer Vorstellungen vernachlässigt?
Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig! Profitieren Sie von unserer langjährigen Erfahrung und unserem umfassenden Service in den Bereichen
High End Fahrzeug Tuning und den Vertrieb von exklusiven Fahrzeugen.

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Inspiration-9786-RFR – Amaksi
LINK;- https://audiojungle.net/item/inspiration/10937764


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  1. Pavi thran says

    1st , 2nd மட்டுமே நல்லா இருந்தது மற்ற மூனுமே எங்க ஊர்ல பொனம் தூக்கிட்டு போர வண்டி மாதிரியே இருக்கு….

  2. THE OMEGA 09 OMEGA says

    Indonesia My Country Maybe Already Evolving From Old & Ancient Weapons Into The Modern one Just Like the Other Countries But When About Sweet Cars & Sweet Building They Don't Have This Just Yet!

  3. John Jonson says

    That first van would pay for itself. Push people's cars into your van and they'll never catch you

  4. Meteki YT says

    One Night in one of them,and i would be satisfyed For my life

  5. Not Even Evan says

    A guy I know has one of the GMC luxury Motorcoaches, except his is an older model and isn't as decked out

  6. Benedikt Nienau says

    den 5. Bus habe ich schon auf dem Campingplatz Ziefurt gesehen.Das ist an der Mosel

  7. Abdulrahman Atif says

    I have many cars nama mercidies lemosine rols rise Prius civic city Prius

  8. ahmed shoaib says

    yo yo guys
    do see the Mercedes caravan in this video my dada have that Mercedes. and 6or70 foot yacht rheumatoid coast of Mercedes caravan is 4.8$ and yacht coast is 3.2$

  9. rocio alonso says

    this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life

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