5 Best Electric Scooters With ExtraOrdinary Features !

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This superior electrical scooter is light-weight, highly effective, and compact when folded. You can experience for miles effortlessly. Plus this scooter is so tiny when folded that you may simply deliver it inside and up stairs if wanted. We suppose it is a good scooter for commuters, leisure riders, and anybody who desires to have a

+Glion Dolly Electric Scooter: The Perfect Last Mile Solution
+Propane Powered Motor Scooter-Go Clean, Go Green, Go PROGO!
+Daymak Photon Scooter


+The Electric-Powered Scrooser
+Olive Robot (Intelligent Suitcase)

different scooters
Momas Electric Scooter
Join the scooter revolution! JumpX = huge air & a clean experience

Pro Scooters

Ninebot Mini Pro: http://amzn.to/1NLWkgQ (13% OFF)
Motopogo: http://motopogo.com/
Urby Board: http://www.urbysystems.com/
Kubo: http://litmotors.com/

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  1. DormantIdeas NIQ says

    it's like the Segway… shite prone to injury! LOL JUNK at the design level! IDIOTS!

  2. DormantIdeas NIQ says

    fck this infomercial shite hype… you can't fckng ride a motorized anything where people walk!!!
    this is pure garbage… with total lack of front analysis… fckng IDIOTS!

  3. Dmm Dmm543 says

    Yeah…just check your dignity in at the door.

  4. Max Naumegus says

    что лучше самокат или моноколесо?

  5. Joseph Böhme says

    Yes this is the guidance given to the non mechanical privledged few who like toys- Hmmm a new shirt or a new scooter. Perhaps I should blow 5K for effect since I spent $50,000 on my Brioni suit.  We can already hear the disdain if you cannot afford it…

  6. I Respect The Police says

    Ahh shit I need a new computer. I accidentally punched the screen when I saw that fucking nerd appear.

  7. tommy vercetti says

    rule 1 never buy anything advertised by a GINGER …… EVER

  8. Gary Smith says

    You can bye a brand new motor bikes for less and car

  9. Avsfreak24 says

    These are all shit. And they aren't sidewalk legal in the US. They all have to be taken on roads or bike lanes

  10. don guy says

    Cmon oem ones exactly alike are us$900 only, fully electric 1000w power

  11. johnoday says

    just stuff me in the scrootcase already

  12. Dustin Schings says

    2:28 the tech installed the bolt that holds on the wheel, with no torque wrench.. Very high standard for quality control..

  13. Mantas Kiselat says

    Why do i like the number 5 ? Simple Nr 5 + 25 Kg Trotil = Airport !

  14. David Niquot says

    Just by seeing the tires .. i know it's bad item, badly designed.

  15. Harmony Projects says

    this is awesome and one of the most beautifull e bike tell us the cost? please


    waiting for #6 , Coz I'm still not impressed. Why dorky guys on scooters saying hello to girls for. They will be virgins for LIFE !

  17. ahmad hadi says

    Hyperpowersports 1000w fat tire scooter is better than 5k crap

  18. Aidan Bell says


    Skateparks? Scootparks? I am confused why not get a boostedboard and look cooler than with what is thought to be a 8 yearolds toy. Not trying to say they are not cool but why not try a skateboard? IDK scooters can be cool if you can do tricks.

  19. Dave Kang says

    Scrooser founder doing the shimmy dance shows he's diffinate not a hipster look at the chicks expression lol 5kEU for that? Why wouldn't I just buy a real bike lol

  20. Javi says

    hahaha that price is ridiculous. you can buy a ninja 250 turbo it and still have $100 in your pocket

  21. FukeU1248 says

    Is Nr3 a orthodox jew or a really disgusting hipster?

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