5 Amazing Inventions You MUST See #36

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Triby http://www.invoxia.com/triby/
AirVolt https://airvolt.carrd.co/
WatchAir http://kck.st/2bqIuRj
Luna http://www.crazybaby.com/luna
Aido http://www.aidorobot.com/
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  1. Undead Soldier says

    Someone needs to make an arcade style pistol / rifle that plugs into your xbox and you just aim and pull the trigger it would be awesome

  2. Samanntha Swεεtnεss says

    I think number 2 is kind of usless. the entire point of having it wireless is not having to plug it in to anywhere right? even if it's in the bottom of the phone…
    I want something I can either throw my phone on and it charges without having to plug anything into the phone itself or..
    I want a product very similar to the part that plugs into the wall but I want nothing to do with the peice that I have to place in the charge port of my phone.

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