5 Amazing Inventions You MUST See #19

New video the place you get to see all the highest and most wonderful innovations,new expertise, and belongings you did not know existed in 2016. These wonderful innovations proven within the video can be found at the moment.

Today we’re counting down our picks for the highest 5 wonderful innovations you have to see. Let us know within the feedback which of the wonderful innovations like most and located helpful.

Links to all of the wonderful Inventions Shown on this Video
Woollip http://www.woollip.com/
W chair http://mywchair.com/
Sphericam 2 http://www.sphericam.com/
Vitrima Lens http://www.vitrima.com/
Lean Longboard http://www.pramash.com/
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  1. Sjaak Schulteis says

    This "new" lens (Vitrina, #2 invention) I used already more then 30 years ago and still have it. Its a Asahi Pentax Stereo Adapter… It is maybe adapted to the new camera, but come on, don't pretend to invent something new, it is just an adaptation!!!

  2. Arsh Patel says

    Who watches these adds but never buys the product

  3. a Ma says

    I recognize the song from the long board from a Casey neistat video

  4. HellsCraftLp says

    The Longboard is really intresting but there are 60 euro taxes …

  5. Josh E says

    8:00 that's a song that Casey Neistat would use in one of his episodes

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