5 Amazing Inventions You MUST See #15

New video the place you get to see all the highest and most wonderful innovations,new know-how, and belongings you did not know existed in 2016. These wonderful innovations proven within the video can be found as we speak.

Today we’re counting down our picks for the highest 5 wonderful innovations you will need to see. Let us know within the feedback which of the wonderful innovations like most and located helpful.

● Links to all of the wonderful Inventions Shown on this Video
Elf emmit https://igg.me/at/elf-emmit-wearable-optimized-self/x
Muzo http://www.celestialtribe.com/#!muzo/ob6ar
Thin Ice 2.zero http://www.thiniceweightloss.com/
O6 http://www.o6app.com/
Noke http://noke.com/
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  1. KidArachnid says

    with the noke:
    what if someone tries to open the lock with you nearby but you dont notice?

  2. Thaylor Harmor says

    So sad this is illegal in California while driving. 😤😭😪

  3. scottbaylo says

    Neither number 1, or 2 will ever see the light of day (at least not the way it's being marketed) for 1 simple reason-
    The powers that be can't have people being able to block the frequencies that are keeping us dumb and in a constant state of stress.
    Whether you want to believe it or not, the world is controlled by maniacs, those maniacs are controlled by evil itself, and that evil feeds off of our energies. Yes, it sounds crazy, but if you are able to look at how the world is, and you think it's either "normal" or an "acceptable" way to live…
    then I want a whole bunch of whatever drugs it is that you're on, because anything that can make this hell seem tolerable, is something I need to get my hands on ASAP!!!

  4. ewan ganu says

    how about theif use muzo, it will make easy their come in n out…

  5. YouTube Cop says

    Boring… boring… boring… boring… boring…

  6. LordBritOne says

    the weight shirt i thought funny did you notice that no one in this add needed to get fit or lose weight lol

  7. Chris Benn says

    Does the Thin Ice "system" cool you a lot? The fat burning part is so bullshit and 100% doesn't do shit but the cooling part sounds very nice to use for summer? (Why not just sell it as a summer cooling system?! Instead of the bullshit…)

  8. clamo6362 says

    noke seams to be the best out of them all. ELF isn't even on the market.

  9. Cutting - Edge says

    watch a new Gear S3 a True SmartWatch (Design Story) in my Channel

  10. Rose X100L says

    Some of this won't become popular until 2020 or a time where technology culture is a surrounding . Hopefully we can make these more consumer friendly , and affordable .

  11. Expired Minds says

    thieves dont need a nokey, they just use chain/steel cutters……

  12. White flaps says

    Noke …. okay change batterie without tool !! … yeah and people will steal the batterie easy and noke dont work anymore ? ^^

  13. Kamaal says

    I am keeping booking marking all of these unbelievable inversions. damit, I am going to spend alot of money.

  14. Dad Gamer says

    Gamer with cheatcodes…is like an Athlete with steroids…lazy shit

  15. Gradan says

    yaaaaay jeeeeefff you can do itttt

  16. ›vuxs ‹ says

    Clothes that cool you down… yea… sounds great!

  17. GamerDeuce says

    Why not make a lock with a fingerprint keylock?
    Credit me if that becomes real, I want 0.1% profit.

  18. CapaciTF2 says

    The thin ice best is now like a normal vest and also comes in insoles

  19. Carlos Sousa says

    people realy buy this shit ? if they do they are realy stupid pfff

  20. JH Piano says

    did u accidentally find noke by misspelling nike

  21. Undead Soldier says

    I need all of them i would love the ice vest just for summer and shit

  22. Kelpie says

    i dont want no shit telling my heart to slow down lol

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