4TH OF JULY FAILS! – Firework, BBQ and Backyard Fails 2017 | Funny Fail Compilation | Best Fails

4TH OF JULY FAILS! – Firework, BBQ and Backyard Fails 2017. Weekly choice contains idiots lighting a mortar in a trash can, BBQ grill catching fireplace, tetherball to the face, outdated man roman candle fails, grandma will get too near a firecracker, burnt rooster on the grill, fireplace pit explosions, firework makes automotive alarms go loopy, dropkicks, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

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  1. MyTroll says

    stupid fuckers you need to secure the ground fireworks and cakes with stones or something on the sides so this not would happend lol

  2. IceBird says

    I’ve shot fireworks at New Year and I haven’t hurt anyone including myself. Fireworks are beautiful and fun to fire if you always wear safety goggles and keep a big distance between the fireworks. Be safe!

  3. Aisling Gem says

    why do you Americans celebrate the 4th of July? I'd say the 1st is better but I mean Canada all the way :3.

  4. Kraye Inluv says

    Always keep a water hose or large pitcher of water near your grill!!

  5. KingSwagonCat GD says

    Always check the label to make sure that the fireworks aren't leftover bombs from the Vietnam war.

  6. Djsquishy103 YT says

    Why the heck do people do BBQ's on there Fucking porches instead of outside?

  7. David Walkenstein says

    whats that terrorists?? you wanna come to my country and blow yourself up!! haha fuck you. You pour some piss beer down the throats of a southerner and they will blow them selfs the fuck up. doesn't even have to be the 4th of july. meth and budweiser was introduced to the south in the hopes that one day youtube would be invented.

  8. the champ says

    3:55 Baby like I got an interview tomorrow at 8 I dont got no time for this shit man!!

  9. Foxy the pirate says

    What is it with All this pussys my dog isn't even scared of fireworks and hell he grabs the thags as thay fire

  10. Scott Jessup says

    Uninscribed another video with crap load of commercials. You only have 371,000 subscribers for God Bless It!!!

  11. Brad Carss says

    All fun and games until you or someone you love is disfigured for life or dies.

  12. DogFartsHockey - says

    So many people without common sense..This was 15 years ago.I noticed a new neighbor across the driveway put a propane grill on his wooden deck up against His house.I told Him it might be a good idea to put the grill away from the House and not on a Wooden deck and to put it on the cement at the edge of His Yard.He told Me to mind my business.I told Him It's My Business to inform Idiots like you Not to burn down the whole city block.2 months later, Boom! The Heat was So intense from the Whole Deck being on Fire and the propane tank blowing up it blew out the windows on the Neighbors houses and sucked in the Flames to those houses on either side of His house.In total it was 5 house that were totally engulfed in Flames and they all Lost everything

  13. Jason Alagna says

    "I think its the grease from the ribs,
    and uh,
    because if you look at the ribs,
    the ribs are right here,
    look at this, toasted.
    so it had to be then from the ribs"


  14. PTM6 Fish Tank says

    It's 2017 people… Stop filming in portrait mode for Pete's sake.

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