3 Best Green Juice For Diabetes Control

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Today I’m Going To Show You , How To Make 3 Best Green Juice For Diabetes Control

1. Bitter gourd Juice For Diabetes Cure : Bitter Gourd , Lemon and Ginger Mix It And Drink Dialy To Control Diabetes
2. Bitter gourd and Green Apple Juice : Bitter Gourd , Green Apple , Pipper and Salt Mix It Well And Take Dialy To Control Sugar Levels
3. Spinach Smoothie For Diabetes : Spinach, Pineapple, Banana and Almond Milk Mix And Drink Daily To Control Blood Sugar Levels With Weeks

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What type of juice is sweet for diabetics?
Is Apple juice is sweet for diabetic?
Is orange juice good for a diabetic?
What is a bitter melon?

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  5. christopher Reid says

    The remedy with pineapple will kill you. If you follow this idiots natural cure for diabetes, you all will end up in a diabetic coma

  6. Isabella Langridge says

    please say the English. it's called bitter melon. Make sure to add to ur video.. to avoid the salt for People who suffer HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. I DON'T LIKE IT VIDEO BECAUSE IT'S NOT FOR SOME MEDICAL ILLENESSES

  7. Rupert Riley says

    if you are already taking diabetes pills can i still drink this juice

  8. Maqbool Hussain says

    Let me explain that chilli pepper, raw eggs and sea salt shoud be mixed and cooked in any fripan etc or should be taken with out cooking (raw) your advice waited !!! Regards/ Maqbool Hussain Pakistan

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  10. Natasha Lynch says

    I've newly diagnosed with diabetes I am 51 year old, the information on juicing excellent thank you

  11. Satyendrach Nath says

    Man is natural so natural any thing best for good health think about that all the animal do not use any artificial food then they are more healthy from us, so we can must intake natural food and kip good health. thank you.

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