20 Worst Dresses Ever Seen On The Grammys Red Carpet

20 Dresses you wont imagine celebrities truly wore to the Grammy Awards.
When the music business’s sturdy personalities and the style world collide, you understand it’s going to be one thing value watching. The Grammys purple carpet is nearly extra entertaining than the precise present. Seeing all of the celebs strut their stuff in barely-there strands of fabric like our woman Jennifer Lopez, ahem, J. Lo, or wanting like a pile of youngsters’s sweet a la Nicki Minaj, is a factor value watching.

In this video, we’re going to point out you the 20 worst clothes EVER seen on the Grammys purple carpet. And you betcha it’s going to be surprising, the issues these women put on in public. MIA, Joy Villa, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. Watch till the tip to see the costume that made the world gasp, perhaps snicker, however most simply have their jaws drop to the ground with it is revealing derriere. Cheers to loopy artists with even crazier clothes!

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  1. Staggo Lee says

    They all look unbearable.The top of the list, though, goes to Madonna. Too bad she's never heard no since 1982.

  2. holly walsh says

    Ms trail cattle czzaan pattern good composition beat into quote solve examination.

  3. Simen says

    wtf the face on nicki minaj dress is versace not just a print of any face

  4. Bold Owl says

    Red talko,talko red
    What's going on in my head
    Watching your vid
    I am still a kid
    For talko ,say hurray!
    Hope you like it. you guys are awesome.😁

  5. Diya Sharma says

    Is this the same voice of the one voicing TheRichest?

  6. Flying Phoenix says

    Don’t agree with Niki Minaj 2011, Toni Braxton 2001, Lil’Kim 2004, Mary J Blige 2004, Jacquline Van Bierk 2017, and Girl Crush 2017. They are brilliant dresses that are worn in a way that makes them fit the artist and their personality.

  7. alina heikkinen says

    Tie dominate ceiling camdz bare head watch in existence wedding administrator.

  8. Martine Davis says

    All that money and they come out their house looking like why?

  9. Yfl 22 says

    Cindy lauper looks like Elton closet was raided

  10. Yfl 22 says

    Really what’s wrong with Fergies dress. I adore it.

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