20 Reasons why Roger Federer is the Greatest of All Time (HD)


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  1. TennisTop10's says

    20 … I mean .. 20 .. what a joke. Send your love towards the FedExpress <3

  2. Larvancio Ramos says

    1. NO1E its out 2 murray its out 3 NO1E its out 4 murray its out 5 the next gen are a GANG of POPSTARS over all 6 NO1E tis out ………

  3. anish says

    I don't know what I will do after Rogers retirement to be honest #@$

  4. Luke Strachan says

    Nadal 23 wins, Federer 15 wins.
    Djokovic 23 wins, Federer 22 wins.

    So the 'goat' has an inferior record VS his main rivals. Oh dear.

  5. Angel Barreiro says

    Roger is the best in fast surfaces, but Rafa is the best in slower surfaces by for if we take into account that the year is played twice as fast tournaments and anly one large slower surface (French Open) for three big fast I would say that Rafa is as big as Roger… imagine that a year will play two big slow how many would have Rafa and how big would Roger?

  6. Chris Jordan says

    These are some of the most ridiculous reasons I have ever seen. Plus there are some details that are incorrect. Federer did not dominate the Kuerten era. Kuerten had finished winning slams in 2001 and even when well past his prime beat Federer at 2004 French Open in their only Grand Slam meeting. According to you Federer is the G.O.A.T. because other greats say so, yet tennis greats rarely know much about players before their own lifetime. For instance, I wonder how many of the younger greats would know much about Pancho Gonzales (other than his ex-brother in law Agassi)? How much do any of the great champions know about Tilden? And why is Federer the G.O.A.T. because a load of fedtards vote for him to win the ATP fans favourite award? There may be 20 great reasons why Federer is the G.O.A.T., but many of the stupid reasons listed here certainly shouldn't feature on that list.

  7. Trusted Man says

    This man makes me doubt about my sexual orientation

  8. panos roger says

    Everything is good but you cant say he is the greatest because of his charity work..It doesnt make sense

  9. preetpal chopra says

    What a cool video i loved it music is also amazing and love you Roger….

  10. ulizinho says

    If he ever wins Nr. 21, I would give another reason. He is competing in the toughest era, fastest serves, extremist angles, spin and has with Djokovic (4 Majors in a row!!) and Nadal (La Decima) the toughest opponents, two guys who themselves can claim (a little bit) to be the GOAT. Sampras did not have such opponents.

  11. Nicholas Tartaglia says

    Gonna have to remake the video soon as he's going to be the worlds oldest #1 haha!

  12. Teflon Don says

    Federer can be compared to great sportsmen like stephen hendry, michael schumacher, phill taylor etc . He has great composure and consistency, on paper, the G.O.A.T. Rafa is more like ronnie o'sullivan, max verstappen etc. . IMO, Rafa is the greater talent of the two and like ronnie, max etc, when on fire, simply unstoppable.

  13. Berkay Gergin says

    Fed is designed and manufactured to be the G.O.A.T. Having less injuries than his rivals is not his chance. This is his team, intelligence, abilities and muscles. No need to discuss on the statistics that far beyond any player. Yet, surely we can just discuss who is the second best.

  14. Fred Kang says

    I mean he is probably the greatest player of in the open era not all time and no.5 is probably not sure

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