13TH Trailer (Rascism Documentary, 2016)

By Ava DuVernay, director of the acclaimed SELMA!
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The title of Ava DuVernay’s extraordinary and galvanizing documentary 13TH refers back to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which reads “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.” The development from that second qualifying clause to the horrors of mass criminalization and the sprawling American jail business is laid out by DuVernay with bracing lucidity. With a potent combination of archival footage and testimony from a stunning array of activists, politicians, historians, and previously incarcerated men and women, DuVernay creates a piece of grand historic synthesis.

13TH Trailer
A Movie directed by Ava DuVernay
Release Date : 7 October 2016 on Netflix
Genre : Documentary

13TH Trailer
© 2016 – Netflix

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  1. Depths Of My Soul says

    Mixing Truth with Lies I see.
    Trump did NOT make that statement towards a Black protester, It was actually a White protester😧
    “In the good old days, they'd rip him out of that seat so fast. But today, everybody's politically correct."

    Fuck Being Politically Correct!!! I agree

  2. Sara Morris says

    watch for yourself. form your own opinion after

  3. Justin Reilly says

    This documentary told a lot of truths, BUT for the time I've been around- since the 70s, I can tell you it is only partly accurate. They left out the part about black crime going through the roof from the 70s through the 80s. There were plenty of black "superpredators" on our streets terrorizing people.

    Only telling one side of the story and making it seem that blacks are only the victims, never the perpetrators just makes them lose credibility and drives us all further apart which we can not afford now. We need to come together. That means telling the whole truth and not just making it seem that blacks are only victims and whites are only persecutors. It's not accurate and it's racist.

  4. B- Pos says

    Amazing! A must see for anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of the country we live in!

  5. Carlos Alonso says

    why are we talking about white and black this documentary rarely talked about white vs black. We need to stop dividing ourselves.

  6. Jaritza Feliciano says

    It's way deeper than this we all still slaves those amendments don't mean shit to us black people also I advise anybody that's African American to check the fifth number in their social I bet it's an even number no lie check y'all shit we gotta break these chains

  7. cierrasme says

    Documentaries like this will never change the minds of those who are racist. They will always be racist even if you show them all the facts. They have no value for black people.

  8. UrbanVision313 says

    What exactly would it take for blacks to become a prosperous people? The unjust laws have been changed. Trillions have been spent to level the economic and educational field. The entire country as a whole has evolved to an equal opportunity for all ideology. So what MORE do blacks require to prosper?
    Are there black countries or black cities that are prosperous that America can emulate? Surely there must be a template somewhere. Perhaps a few more billion or even trillion of dollars can be redirected from the economy to search for such a place. Maybe there's an alternate dimension where black people have "gotten over it" and have moved on to better themselves as a race without having to be cradled like infants?

  9. Julie Miller says

    i was very moved after watching this and my heart goes out to African Americans. Race issue needs to be discussed and not pushed aside. As the one woman said, once we truly understand why black lives matter, then all lives matter.

  10. Jj says

    Treat people the way they treat you….that is what I was taught by my parents.  When you watch this doc, remember that all white people are not racist.  The underground railroad would not have been successful with out good hearted white people.  They know they are white and enjoy being white.  But they no more stop and figure all of this out, no more than you did.  We of like mind must work together, love and help each other.  Vote and change laws.

  11. canyiah says

    Recorded proof in the documentary of just 1 of the actual government plot to keep black people down and still people think it's not real.

  12. al cohaul says

    After watching 33 minutes of this "documentary" I had had enough. This is leftist propaganda and not worth a minute of your time.

  13. Scopps94 says

    Movie describes mass incarceration and the target of disenfranchise black peoples

    Trump supporters in the comments- "libtards don't want us to lock up the blacks, FUCK YOU!"



  15. eakherenow says

    See this and SEE how the Clinton's have pushed for and profited by the unfair treatment of Blacks.

  16. Eye of a Yuki says

    This is what the world has become of our fellow black males. This is not war, this is mental and social war. Every black man deserves to be better than most of these white "superior" races. Black people created every single race there is. Black people were inventors, writers and presidents. They're keeping this vital infomation from us and it needs to stop, this movie will be a great reference.

  17. Tyrone Ingram says

    it's easy for white people to easy black people create more crime when white people create what constitutes a crime.

  18. rogerwhutwhut says

    So many white supremacists in these comments. ironically they are the ones most in need of seeing a film like this.

  19. stephanstafford says

    Watch all the suspected white supremacist get triggered by this. For the people thinking "so called black" people do more crime than other people, deny think tanks that propagandize criminalizing the image of every melenated person.

  20. Opus Dei says

    What about Mugabe killing whites? Oh wait, it is not racism if it is agains't whites.

  21. Opus Dei says

    Blacks are locked up because they commit more crimes.

  22. yakyakyak69 says

    Cultural Marxist Leftists are race-baiting racists who divide people into special interest groups to divide & conquer "forward change" toward a Centrally-Planned Marxist "utopia" Plantation System of, by & for the politically-connected rich, their political class cronies and the useful idiot sheeple they slaughter like the BLM anarchists. Leftist hypocrites then call themselves "liberals" or "progressives" to hide their Marxist Authoritarian agenda and then they call anyone who disagrees with them "racists", "xyz class phobic" to stop debate. This is why the rich & politically-connected like Soros knows that groups like BLM are just USEFUL IDIOTS.

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