12-year-old waits 10 hours for treatment of concussion

A mom has filed a grievance with the MUHC ombudsman after her 12-year-old daughter waited 10 hours for treatment of a concussion

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  1. Kissing Bandit says

    Where is the pic of the bump on her head?? Did it split her head open….how many stitches did it take to sew it up??

    Concussions are graded as mild (grade 1), moderate (grade 2), or
    severe (grade 3), depending on such factors as loss of consciousness,
    amnesia, and loss of equilibrium.
    In a grade 1 concussion, symptoms last for less than 15 minutes. There is no loss of consciousness.
    With a grade 2 concussion, there is no loss of consciousness but symptoms last longer than 15 minutes.
    In a grade 3 concussion, the person loses consciousness, sometimes just for a few seconds.

  2. yann zahn says

    Fake news santa bernie and some Americans said Canada had the best health care- cheap, efficient, fast, bla bla

  3. Rita Doucet says

    There is nothing they can do with a concussion, you have to learn to live with it, rest is what they recommend, loss of memory occurs, dizziness, reading becomes difficult. It's prioritized with those who are need of care the most. What did the doctor say?

  4. Hilar Siveri says

    CTV should interview me on how the governments are cloning me in a reptilian environment where i do not want to be and are demoralizing my bloodline with psychological warfare !

  5. Private Man says

    More evidence that the Governmind cares about the publics best interests and wellbeing. So very nice of the public servants to give their apologies to this family, I trust these servants will do their best to ensure that this does not ever happen again to any other member of the public….. >:(

  6. A CB says

    Unless this story presents dire consequences as the result of untreated concussion, the story is garbage. The reason patients with flu like symptoms get priority may be because those symptoms are generally caused by diseases that are contagious, some of which are even life threatening, so it may be best to screen those patents quickly even though most of the time the cause is just influenza.

  7. DJ Jordan says

    Next time scream louder than the other kids.

  8. DJ Jordan says

    Billions for other countries while Canadians wait in line for medical.

  9. Lara Jones says

    I have to admit I hate waiting too. I recently took my daughter to the emergency room. The wait times were nowhere near that long. The longest wait was for multiple tests that were needed. Waiting and worrying is the hardest thing to do but at least we have the privilege of access to medical care.

  10. John N. says

    This is what happens when you trust socialists with healthcare. The government sucks at everything it does.

  11. rayzer says

    I had to wait 8 hours for a broken ankle. Shame

  12. Rigor Mortis says

    Canadian citizens are second second class citizens….get used to it.
    My father has been on a waiting list for a family doctor for over a year, yet illegal migrants receive the whole range of benefits.

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