10 Zombie Proof Houses Only The Richest Can Afford

high 10 costly houses solely wealthy folks can afford throughout a zombie apocalypse
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So, we’ve been ready for it for many years now. We’ve watched all the films and TV exhibits we might get our arms on, learn all of the books and performed the associated ranges in video video games – we’ve even seen what would occur if the vegetation rose as much as battle the zombies. Yes, after all we’re speaking concerning the Zombie Apocalypse. All over the world, doomsday preppers have their escape plans prepared, gasoline and meals stockpiled and speak to info up to date. Sure, chances are you’ll be the kind to giggle in any respect this as a result of, let’s face it, there most likely won’t ever be a zombie apocalypse, proper? You by no means know, however when a ghoul’s chomping down in your brains don’t say we didn’t warn you.
What in case your plan entails sitting tight and using out the wave of the undead? Not an issue. A fast look across the real-estate listings exhibits that there are a ton of locations which might be both purpose-built to be zombie proof or are simply plain fortress-like to start with. Of course, having a zombie-proof dwelling usually requires a good bit of money. After all, moats, draw-bridges, concrete partitions and underground bunkers can all add up on the bank card invoice fairly quick. These following zombie proof houses are all fairly expensive and we’re considering solely the richest doomsday prepper will be capable of afford each the acquisition value and certain maintenance prices related to retaining the defences prepared. Sure there are cheaper alternate options – however would you actually wish to be trapped in a regular bungalow when a swarm of rotting corpses comes for you? Didn’t assume so.

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  1. Atikur Rahman Ethan says

    Build some house muslimproof instead of zombieproof. religious muslims are killing more people than zombies.

  2. jeff says

    Automated weaponized machinery

  3. Madeleine Loughton says

    Titanium door, nothing can break through titanium. Diamond windows, diamonds are said to be the earths hardest substance.
    5 safe rooms, aeroplane strip and aeroplane, Remote activated trapdoors, steel layer all around the house (remote activated) , Touch ID to turn on remote, Touch ID to open safe rooms. There that does it.

  4. Letomia Lepulu says

    Windows wall team cannons roof access guns knifes and bow and arrow

  5. SANS ! says

    I all ready know I don't have the money to sit it out and I know if I would try to go in guns blazing I would die so I would just say my good byes and do 3 thing and just jump into the mode of zombies

  6. Sam Hyuga says

    Weapons horses traps and lock walls and a drawbridge water and food

  7. CORE says

    I will just have fun killing zombies.. something a rich person can't do

  8. Citlali Garcia says

    Just have guns life time of supplies and shut anything that moves

  9. Heather Kelly says

    Kill kill and kill zombies with a shotgun 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 and get the Safe House

  10. taliyah Woodard says

    It shouldnt matter if ur rich or not will it matter the the virus hits if u find it its urs

  11. Farrar Boys says

    Am I the only 1 who knows zombies don't eat brains they eat you basically and whatever is left comes back as a zombie

  12. Peter Hanvichid says

    This video was on my birthday!! My name is Kai I'm just using my dad's profile

  13. FS20 Chaos says

    Well the zombie apocalypse would fail because their bodies would break down

  14. Rin Asogi says

    Zombie proof what about a B.O.W or a tyrant

  15. johnw ruddick says

    ever notice that the zombies are always in warm climates i live in a place that today it is – 32 and dropping so fuck the zombies how about the weather

  16. Abdull Bani says

    Self sufficient and secure. I would choose the "Sandy Cay" place.

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